‘The Fosters’ Winter Premiere: Season 1B Spoilers

Tonight, episode 11 picks up where The Fosters left off with their winter premiere, season 1B. Take a look at some of the spoilers from tonight’s new episode and a couple sneak peeks as well as what the rest of the season may have in store for viewers …

– Star Maia Mitchell reveals to Hollywood Life:

The first few episodes back are so much about the family trying to get Callie back. Before she ran off, they wanted to adopt her, but after the kiss, she kind of freaked out. … And, of course, Brandon will play a huge part in finding her.

– According to All Voices, Brandon even reveals that he loves Callie.

– Stef and Lena find out that Callie has run away.

TV Line reports:

This season, the couple will have to deal with Stef returning to work post-shooting, a family tragedy, and Lena will surprise Stef – and herself – with some new feelings that arise.

-Hollywood Life spoke with cast member Teri Polo who talked about what the grown-ups on the show will be doing this season.

You’re going to notice a deepening of the relationships. We really take it to another level. We’re more comfortable with each other and the stories are richer.

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