SPOILERS: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ — ‘Table Polarization’ Episode

On the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, the gang celebrated Valentine’s Day. Fans let out a collective scream as Sheldon kissed Amy. On tonight’s show, “The Table Polarization,” their relationship could be in jeopardy.

Executive producer Steve Molaro told Entertainment Weekly that they may not fully explore the kiss for now.

But sometimes we like to make a big move and then put that aspect down for a few episodes before we revisit it. But it happened.

1. Sheldon Wants to End it With Amy

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At the beginning of the episode, Sheldon complains to Leonard and Penny, saying, “Amy has made me a more affectionate, open minded person…and that stops now!”

He laments, “I’ve allowed that woman to alter my personality.”

Leonard replies, “You didn’t have a personality, you just had some shows you liked.”

2. Leonard Buys a Dining Room Table for the Apartment

sheldon and amy kiss, sheldon and amy breakup, shamp, big bang new, big bang spoilers, leonard and penny

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Penny comes in after an audition, and there’s no room for her to sit. Raj offers her his seat, but she is fine with the floor.

“Have you guys ever thought about getting a dining room table?” asks Bernadette. Amy points out that there is space in the apartment for one.

This prompts Raj to say, “Oh, sure. I sit on the floor for years and no one cares. The pretty white girl’s there 10 seconds and suddenly we’re running to IKEA!”

3. Howard Wants to Return to Space

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The ez-spaceman is offered another chance to go to space. He’s not as excited as he should be since he knows his wife, Bernadette, wouldn’t be too happy.

4. Bernadette Is Conflicted

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When she hears the news, Bernadette struggles, having to decide whether to encourage him to pursue his dream.

5. A Real NASA Astronaut Returns as a Guest Star

Michael J. Massimino, a vet of two Space Shuttle missions, appeared on the show just as Howard was planning his trip to space.

He’s back tonight.