Hannah Ferguson, Sports Illustrated Rookie: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Ferguson’s Mother Was a Drill Instructor For The Marine Corps.

That’s right. Fergie’s mother was a drill instructor. In fact, that’s how she met Fergie’s father … in the Marine Corps.

7. Channing Tatum Is Her Celebrity Crush

Like every third girl in the world, Channing Tatum is her dream man.

8. Fergie Has a Bucket List

When asked by Sports Illustrated what things are on her bucket list, she replied with seeing as many exotic beaches as she can, becoming scuba certified, and having kids. At 21 years old, Ferguson has a lot of time to accomplish these. And, being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, she’s sure to visit a ton of beaches all over the world.

9. Ferguson Has a Lot of Discipline When It Comes To Having a Fitness Regime

Hannah Ferguson posts photos of healthy foods on her Instagram as well as fitness pics like the one above. Her workouts of choice include cardio, yoga & Pilates, as you can probably tell from the photos.

10. She’s a Model For Trump Model Management

Though Ferguson belongs to Trump Model Management, she also lists that she belongs to Kim Dawson Modeling Agency as well. Check out some of Ferguson’s hot model pics as well as Instagram photos in the above link.

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