Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Premiere: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

6. U2 Performs “Invisible”

At the top of Rockefeller Center, on the roof, U2 joins a bunch of bundled up fans to perform their new hit “Invisible.” An even cooler aspect was that U2 was accompanied by members of the Rutgers marching band. In addition, one thing that viewers caught was that there was a falling star in the sky as U2 performed. Watch the sky closely in the below Vine and see if you can spot it …

7. Will Smith Is Fallon’s First Guest on The Tonight Show

Will Smith comes out and gives Fallon a huge hug and then congratulates him on his new job as host. He also tells Fallon how honored he feels to be his first guest. As the conversation moves on to Smith, the two talk about how Smith just went skydiving in Dubai. He discusses the intense fear he felt, but how it was the most magnificent feeling at the same time.

8. The Celebrity Guests Had Their Own Fun Backstage

Getting so many celebrities together to support Fallon on his first night as host of course amounted to some backstage fun. Check out some of the pics the stars posted of their behind-the-scenes moments.

9. Fallon Makes Bono Give a Speech With His Mug

Fallon tells U2’s Bono that he would love to hear him give a speech and that if the group wins an Academy Award this year for their song “Ordinary Love,” he wants Bono to give the speech. In the meantime, he hands Bono his mug and requests that Bono give a speech about the mug. After making viewers a little uncomfortable with his fake hesitation, he complied.

After this, Fallon pulls out a bunch of instruments and requests that the band play an acoustic song. Halfway through the song, The Roots joins in, accompanying U2 in their performance.

10. Fallon Has a Ton of Other A-List Guests Lined Up For This Week

Tonight wasn’t the only big night for Fallon’s new gig. He’s got A-listers lined up for the entire week, from Lady Gaga to Justin Timberlake to Michelle Obama. Stay tuned!

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