Kristen O’Connor Is the First to Get Kicked Off on ‘American Idol’

Tonight was the first elimination from the Top 13 on American Idol this season. Emkay Nobilette (MK), Malaya Watson, and Kristen O’Connor were all on the chopping block. Emkay was announced to be safe and it came down to Kristen and Malaya, but it was Kristen O’Connor who was sent home.

The judges have the power to save one contestant throughout the entire season, but they chose not to use it tonight.

As for other moments on the show tonight, Candice Glover returned to American Idol for a medley performance of her songs and the judges were thrilled. In addition to Glover, Jake Bugg came back to sing his country song “Me and You” for the crowd and judge Keith Urban got very excited as he’s a big fan. And apparently, Twitter followers were excited as well because soon after Bugg’s performance the trend #JakeBuggOnIdol rose to number one.

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