Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Top 10 Best TV Ads

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It’s the 2014 Super Bowl and we’ve got the Top 10 Best Commercials for you right here. As we all know, companies pay millions of dollars for an ad slot during the Super Bowl, so their commercials better be good, right? Have a look at the best game day ads from this year’s selection, featuring big name celebrities, angry bears, lovable pups, and muppets.

1. Ellen DeGeneres as Goldilocks for Beats Music

No one can ever get enough of Ellen DeGeneres’ dance moves. Now’s your chance to check them out as Ellen plays Goldilocks in this Super Bowl ad for Beats Music. Check out this clip from her show as she debuts the commercial for her viewers.

2. Time Warner’s Celebrity Studded Commercial

Time Warner Cable really gave an entertaining commercial with tons of famous faces participating in their ad. Take a look at the commercial in the above video and see some of your favorite stars.

3. Bruce Willis’ Hug Fest

This was definitely the funniest commercial of the night. Check out Bruce Willis’ “hugfest” for Honda.

4. Newcastle Featuring Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick was chosen to be the focus in Newcastle Brown Ale’s Super Bowl ad … Well, the behind-the-scenes ad anyway … Check out this behind-the-scenes teaser for the commercial that apparently wasn’t made …

5. Full House Reunion For Dannon Oikos Yogurt

Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, and Joey have all gotten together for “The Spill.” Dannon Oikos’ greek yogurt commercial features sexy John Stamos and the two guys he can’t seem to shake. Check out this Full House reunion for some nostalgia and a light chuckle.

Now click the “Next Page” button below to see the remaining best ads from this year’s Super Bowl including the Seinfeld reunion commercial, U2’s ad, and more!

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