‘The Voice’ Premiere Season 6: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

6. Usher Tries To Teach Adam Levine To Dance

Usher decides to celebrate his victory of attaining contestant T.J. Wilkins by trying to teach Adam Levine some of his insane dance moves. Adam pretends to stretch out his back and then sits back down in his chair, ultimately wimping out.

Oh, and Usher shows off his abs tonight too.

7. Kristen Merlin Talks Sexuality on The Voice

Kristen Merlin opens up on The Voice and talks about how she came out as a lesbian before heading out to her blind audition. Her calling is country music and she immediately captures Adam Levine with her performance of “Something More.” Shakira also loves it and ends up dancing in her seat, showing love for Merlin. Towards the end of her performance, Levine gets out of his seat as well, ready to fight for her. Once Merlin is done with her performance, Levine yells, “Welcome to Team Adam” and Shakira exclaims, “What?!”

Shakira brags about her 20 million followers on Twitter to entice the singer to pick her as a mentor because she can publicize her well on social media. With Blake’s blessing, Shakira also throws in voice lessons with Miranda Lambert in the mix as a reward. And so, Shakira wins over Merlin.

8. The First Duo Is Dawn & Hawkes

The performing duo Dawn & Hawkes met and fell in love. Now they’re on The Voice … The guitar-playing couple played a romantic duet as their blind audition. As soon as the judges heard a second voice in the performance, Shakira and Adam Levine slammed their hands down on their seat buttons. Adam tells the duo that “because of his own taste in music,” their performance was his favorite that he’s ever heard on the show.

After Shakira battles Adam for the duo, Dawn & Hawkes ends up picking Adam as their mentor, even with the other two judges backing up Shakira. Upon hearing that the two musicians picked Adam, he falls to the floor in happiness … This was after the audience chanted Adam’s name over and over.

9. Jake Worthington Returns To The Stage

Season 5’s Jake Worthington returns to The Voice and successfully wins over three out of the four judges. Blake and Adam each remember Worthington and battle each other to win the approval of Worthington. Though Worthington is love-struck by Shakira’s beauty and his aunt thinks Adam is “the sexiest thing on Earth,” he had to go with Blake Shelton.

10. Bria Kelly Prompts a Standing Ovation From the Judges

Bria Kelly actually used to open for Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton’s wife. On Kelly’s very first note, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton hit their buttons to spin around in their chairs. Eventually, all four judges hit their buttons and give Kelly a standing ovation.

Kelly ends up becoming a part of Team Usher.