The Walking Dead Mid-Season 4 Premier Recap: Top 10 Highlights You Need to Know (SPOILER ALERT)

6. Carl Came Upon A New Home to Take Refuge In

Carl walked a few miles ahead and soon came upon a new home. He made his way in and located some food (in particular, he copped a huge can of chocolate pudding). Carl soon made his way up to the 2nd floor of his new home, but was met by a lone zombie that was locked in the bathroom. Carl came close to becoming a zombie victim, but he managed to trap it inside a room. With a piece of chalk in hand, Carl put a notice on the door. The message alluded to Carl almost getting bit and escaping with one show less than before. Carl cracked a smile about his close call and celebrated by eating some chocolate pudding on the roof of his new home.

7. Michonne Went on A Zombie Killing Rampage

Michonne and her two walkers were traveling along with a pack of zombies. Once Michonne snapped, she cut down her two walkers and used her blade to get rid of all the other zombies that surrounded her. Her mental breakdown could be seen occurring as she went into a violent rage and attacked everything around her.

8. Carl Returned to His Father’s Side

After Carl’s close call with a zombie, Carl returned to the house that Rick was left in. Rick awoke, but Carl mistook him for a zombie. Carl couldn’t bring himself to shoot this supposed zombified father of his. Eventually, Rick spoke and came back to his senses.

9. Michonne Located A Rib Shack and Collected Herself (and Her Thoughts)

Michonne journeyed further until she came upon a rib shack. Once she figured out that the coast was clear, she collapsed onto the floor and spoke about her past friends. A dead zombie lied on the ground in front of her with a note beside it that read, “Do what I couldn’t do.”

10. Michonne Reunited with Rick and Carl

After Carl and Rick settled their differences, Michonne could be seen coming upon a house. She spotted an empty can of chocolate pudding, which led to her peering into the house nearby. She soon spotted Rick and Carl. Michonne began to break down in tears, but she soon wiped away her tears and toughened herself back up. Michonne knocked on the door, which alarmed Car land Rick at first. Once Rick looked through the door, he laughed and told his son these words – “It’s for you.”

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