The Walking Dead Spoilers: Mid-Season Premiere – Season 4

Sunday, February 9, 2014 is the mid-season premiere for The Walking Dead‘s fourth season and we’ve got some spoilers and extra info for you right here. Check out all the spoilers we could find for the premiere episode as well as the rest of Season 4.

TV Line writes:

Not only does the Feb. 9 midseason premiere — titled “After” — further open a window to Michonne’s past, it also kinda serves as Carl’s official coming-of-age episode. And trust me when I say that you’ll never again think about discounting Chandler Riggs as just a good “kid actor” — his work here is exceptional.

– The International Business Times reports:

Comic book writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman shared that episode 9 would be the closest episode to the comic books. Robert revealed he was just rewriting something he had already written.

– Episode 9 is called “After,” Episode 10 is “Inmates,” Episode 11 is “Claimed,” Episode 12 “Still,” Episode 13 is “Alone,” Episode 14 is called “The Grove,” Episode 15 is “Us,” and Episode 16 is called “A.”

– Baby Judith’s fate doesn’t look too bright. Showrunner Scott Gimple states:

I’m going to start with the not awesome thing: Judith was a baby in a place with free-roaming walkers, so the math isn’t very good there.On top of that, there’s things we wouldn’t show on television … so there’s that.

– Norman Reedus will be hosting a live fan chat for the premiere this coming Sunday. reports:

To kick-off the rest of The Walking Dead Season 4 in style, AMC is teaming up with ITunes TV to host a live fan sourced Twitter Chat with Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon. The Norman Reedus Twitter Chat will kick off at 8:30 PM ET on Sunday, February 9, 2014. Fans can ask question @iTunesTV using #AskNorman.

– Michonne has new pets.

– The premiere episode may showcase a flashback of Michonne’s past, which tells fans more about her past as a mother.

– Morgan will be seen on the new episodes.

– The IB Times talks about what occurs in the comic books in order to give a possible glimpse into what may occur on the show:

In the comic books, Rick and Carl go to a store (or the restaurant in the promo) to get supplies. Later, they head to a nearby house. Daddy Grimes is sick and takes a heavy dose of medications and Carl discovers him unconscious, this makes sense with the promo in which Carl screams, “Wake up!” In this episode, Rick takes a backseat and Carl takes the centre stage.

Wetpaint has talked about the premiere episode stating:

The title was recently revealed to be “After,” and here’s the official synopsis: “Rick deals with old wounds while members of the prison try to accept their new environment.”

– Episode 9 will be a big “showcase” for Chandler/Carl and Carl supposedly loses something important to him this episode.

– Andrew Lincoln gave some insight to Entertainment Weekly on the new season:

It’s a very different tone for the show and I think you learn a lot. It’s very character driven, very soulful — much more reminiscent of the first season, I think, just because they’re all out and alone and they’re much more vulnerable. And also because they’re apart from each other you realize that without each other their family is dying. It’s almost like vignettes; it’s like character studies in all of the characters. The underpinning of all of this is the great hope they can find each other again.

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