‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 18, 3/24/2014: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

It’s the second week of Dancing With the Stars Season 18 and the show already threw us some surprises. Check out the full recap and Top 10 highlights from throughout the evening in addition to viewing some of the best performances of the night.

1. The Big Opening Included the Judges and Hosts As Well

As always, things started off with a big group dance and this time it included the judges and the hosts as well. Check out the full opening number in the above clip.

2. Tonight Was a Double Elimination

There was a double elimination tonight and the hosts surprised the contestants in the beginning of the show that it could take place at any time during the show …

3. Cheryl and Drew Carey Are the First to be Announced as Safe

Cheryl Burke and Drew Carey were the first couple announced as safe for the night. With a 21 out of 30 in a new jive dance, Carey and Burke started the show off with a fun routine.

4. Danica Has a Little Meltdown

During rehearsals with partner Val, Danica McKellar had a moment when she became overwhelmed with tears. But, she was able to overcome her frustration and carry on a beautiful performance of the Samba with Val. With a 24 out of 30, the duo was very happy.

By the way, it was Val’s birthday tonight.

5. Meryl Davis Gives Partner Maks a Little Spanking

Maks and Meryl started off their swing dance amid the rest of the contestants in the upper level break area before running down the stairs to the dance floor. Their routine was filled with tons of lifts and acrobatics … very impressive. Though the judges point out a couple mistakes, judge Carrie Ann Inaba thought it was fantastic that Meryl has dancer Maks “working his butt off.” In turn, Meryl spun her partner around to give his booty a little love tap.

Their final score was a 25 out of 30.

To find out who the two contestants that were eliminated are, see what special star was in the audience and hear what guest judge will be coming on the show, click the “Next Page” button below.

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