‘How I Met Your Mother’: Best Drinking Games for Series Finale

how i met your mother end, last forever part 1 and 2, robin and barney


Now that the finale of How I Met Your Mother is finally here, let’s celebrate with one of the gang’s favorite pastimes — drinking.

Here are our picks for the best games you can play with your friends as you say goodbye to the show.

Helpful hint: Combine several versions together to get drunker, faster and forget the show is ending.

Version 1: Drink Whenever These Actions Happen:

Reach for it!

• High Fives
• Slapping
• Someone Cries
• Someone Laughs
• Bob Saget Talks
• The Group is at the Bar
• Marshall and Lily Kiss
• Barney and Robin Kiss
• Ted and the Mother Kiss
• The Salute

Version 2: Drink Whenever You Hear:

HIMYM, how i met your mother drinking games, last forever part 1 and 2


• “Nailed It”
• “Suit Up”
• “Wait for It”
• “Legendary”
• “Awesome”
• “Classic”
• “Woooo!”

Version 3: Drink Whenever You See:

how i met your mother last episode, HIMYM cast


• The Mother on Screen
• Ted’s Kids on Screen
• Marvin on Screen
• A Flashback
• A Doppleganger
• Someone Eating a Sandwich

Version 4: Drink Whenever These Characters’ Names Are Spoken:

is the mother dying on how i met your mother, robin and barney wedding, HIMYM last episode


• “Robin”
• “Ted”
• “Barney”
• “Lily”
• “Marshall”
• “The Mother”
• “The Captain”
• “Ranjit Singh”
• “Patrice”
• “Robin Sparkles”

Version 5: Drink Whenever Ted Says:

How Your Mother Met Me

• “How I Met Your Mother”