‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Recap & Review: Top 10 Spoilers

How I Met Your Mother is over, but has left us with a lot of memories.
Read on for the top ten moments of the final episode, that will live on in television history.

There’s a beginning of a love story, the end of one, a few babies, and a lot of inside jokes.

1. It Starts in September of 2005…at McLaren’s

how i met your mother

The gang is hanging out at the bar and Robin is complaining about her dead-end job and lack of friends in New York.
The rest of the crew takes her in and Lily warns:

Robin’s my new best friend, nobody bangs her. The only way you get to hookup with her is if you marry her.

The scene is brought to the present day, where the gang is reminiscing at Robin and Barney’s wedding.

2. The Mother is the Bass Player in the Wedding Band

how i met your mother finale, HIMYM end

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Barney knows “The Mother,” reminding her that he once hit on her and she gave him relationship advice.

He promptly runs over to Ted immediately and tells him that he has the perfect girl for him.
Ted brushes him off because he knows he’s moving to Chicago the next day.

3. Ted Plans to Move to Chicago & Bids His Friends Farewell

how i met your mother finale, how i met your mother last episode

Through many tears, the group say what they think are their final goodbyes.
Robin and Ted salute one another. Lily and Ted do an “E.T. goodbye.”
Barney realizes that he has no one to high 5 any longer.
Then Ted has a brilliant idea for one last one.

4. Barney & Ted High 5 to Echo Throughout Eternity

Reach for it!
“Everybody back up!” Barney yells. There is a lot of wincing in pain as result.

5. The Gang is Shocked to Find Ted at McLaren’s

is ted dead, the mother died on how i met your mother

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It turns out that the older woman waiting at the train station tells Ted, “What if there was a sign?”

As fate would have it, “The Mother” happens to be waiting for the train with her yellow umbrella. The two make small talk, and the rest is history.
As a result of his newfound love, Ted doesn’t leave and surprises the gang at the bar the very next day.

The group is angry at Ted for putting them through that initial scare.
“That goodbye was emotionally devastating,” yelled Marshall.

When Ted reveals that he stayed for a girl, Marshall warns him to wait a few days to call her.
When he doesn’t listen, Lily realizes that, “This is different.”

6. Robin & Barney Announce Their Divorce After 3 Years of Marriage

how i met your mother series finale last forever, end of HIMYM

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The year is 2016 and everyone is visiting Ted and “The Mother.” Lily is found out- she’s pregnant with baby number 3.
When asked how their trip to Argentina was, Barney and Robin are not convincing that it was “great.”

Next, there’s a flashback to the couple’s time in the foreign country, and the pair is fighting.
It seems that Robin is working all the time and Barney is mad that he can’t work on his lifestyle blog.
Robin asks, “Is this not working anymore? If I give you an out right now, would you take it?”

The crew is shocked, but Barney takes a different approach, saying “It was a successful marriage that only lasted three years.”

Lily starts freaking out that they’ll all have to choose sides.

7. Robin Has a Bout of Nostalgia

halloween how i met your mother, barney baby how i met your mother, robin and ted

The friends are all invited to Lily and Marshall’s Halloween party which also is held in part to say goodbye to their apartment.

Robin, who has an extremely successful career, has a flashback to the Halloween when Ted said he would wait on the roof for his soulmate.

Then she sees “The Mother” plant a kiss on Ted, and decides to leave.

‘We’ll always be friends, it’s just never gonna be how it was,” Robin tells Lily, when she asks her why she’s leaving.

8. Barney Got a Girl Pregnant & Finally Finds the Love of His Life

barney baby, mother's name on how i met your mother, when was finale of how i met your mother taped

The perpetual bachelor reveals that he had a “perfect month” and got number 31 pregnant.

“You’re messing with us, right?” Ted asks.

“I’m too old. I was about to enter my Golden years, my Clooney years,” Barney laments. “My life is over.”

When the baby is born and Barney holds her for the first time, everything changes for him. “You are the love of my life,” he cries.

9. Ted Gets Married & Loses His Wife Years Later

Apparently, he has been with the Mother for seven years and already has two kids before they tie the knot.
On the day of his wedding, Robin walks into the bar to be there for the “big moment.”

Turns out that “The Mother” persuaded Robin to come. She then comes into the bar in her gown, just to capture the moment.

10. Ted Returns to Robin With the Blue French Horn

When Ted completes the story, his kids give him a wake up call.

“Mom’s hardly in the story,” his daughter tells him. “You totally, totally have the hots for Aunt Robin.”

His son and daughter persuade him to call her.

In the last scene, Ted is standing on the street outside her apartment. She looks out down from the window to see him holding the blue French horn.