Josh Elliott, Leaving ‘Good Morning America’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Good Morning America’s Josh Elliott has left the show. Read on for the facts on his departure and how it all went down.

1. Josh Elliott’s Departure Was Announced Last Night

Josh Elliott is leaving Good Morning America and the announcement came as a surprise to viewers last night.

2. Contracts Had Been in Negotiations

This occurrence isn’t news to many in show biz as it’s been known that Josh Elliott has been trying to negotiate new contracts for a while. The NY Daily News writes:

Elliot, who joined GMA in 2011, was embroiled in a contract negotiation with ABC for weeks — demanding $10 million a year, while ABC was only offering him $5 million to stay. ABC News chief Ben Sherwood acknowledged Elliot’s departure in a rare Sunday night memo.

NY Daily News further added:

ABC News brass had believed their offer was a “generous increase” over his current $1 million salary. Until Sunday, it had been widely believed that Elliott had demanded $8 million and ABC had countered with $4 million.

3. Amy Robach Will Be Replacing Him

Amy Robach is already a cast member in the Good Morning America gang, but it was announced that she would be coming on full time now due to Elliott’s absence. This past year, Robach actually learned she had breast cancer by doing a mammography on the show in support of breast cancer awareness. She then opted for a double mastectomy and went with a shorter hair style to protect her head from the results of chemotherapy. Since her diagnosis, she’s doing great and has the support of her family, along with husband Andrew Shue. Shue is brother to actress Elizabeth Shue, a former professional soccer player, and was one of the heartthrobs on the 90’s hit show Melrose Place.

Robach will be taking over the news-reading co-hosting duties of Elliott, effective immediately. The network’s memo on Robach’s new role on the show read:

We always knew that Amy was special and we have all been especially inspired to watch her battle breast cancer with grace and determination. Indeed, she thrilled us with two weeks of memorable dispatches from Sochi anchoring our Olympic coverage — all between chemo treatments. Amy will be a fierce and formidable full-time addition to our GMA team.

4. NBC Sports Will be Elliott’s New Home

According to ABC News Chief Ben Sherwood:

Josh Elliott let us know today that he is going to NBC Sports. As many of you know, we have been negotiating with Josh these past several months. In good faith, we worked hard to close a significant gap between our generous offer and his expectations. In the end, Josh felt he deserved a different deal and so he chose a new path.

He then added:

I want to thank Josh for his many contributions to GMA and ABC News. Later in the week, we will bid him farewell. With Robin, George, Lara, Ginger and Amy, GMA’s best days are ahead.

5. Elliott Did Not Appear on Good Morning America This Morning

While many news outlets are posting ABC New Chief Ben Sherwood’s kind words in regards to Elliott’s departure, Josh Elliott was immediately replace and did not appear on the show this morning. With such an abrupt leaving and no warm send off, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t much animosity. Though Elliott was not on GMA this morning, Amy Robach’s new position was acknowledged. Co-host George Stephanopoulos said:

First, a little news of our own. That’s going to be your chair, the new news anchor right here on GMA … It feels so natural, and that Robach has been such a big part of our family.

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