WATCH: Justin Bieber Drops F-Bomb & Disses Usher in Deposition Videos

Justin Bieber was said to be extremely arrogant, disrespectful, contentious, and lastly, heartsick over Selena Gomez in his deposition for the lawsuit dealing with his bodyguard allegedly beating up a photographer. In the deposition videos, the Biebs disses Usher, drops the f-bomb, mocks the opposing council, flirts with the camera, and is down-right disrespectful. TMZ has obtained the full 4 and a half hour video and has narrowed it down to a few clip compilations. If you’re a Bieber fan, I wouldn’t watch unless you’re all about Bieber’s bad boy image.

1. Bieber’s Got Attitude

This video is almost like a train wreck. You can’t help to watch, but you cringe every time the Biebs opens his mouth. We like to try to give the Biebs the benefit of the doubt, but it’s pretty hard to ignore the kind of arrogance Bieber shows here and the sense of entitlement he seems to have.

2. Lovesick Bieber

Clearly, Bieber is upset when the opposing council asks him about Selena Gomez. Understandably, no one likes talking about their exes … especially when they were just recently spotted together at breakfast.

3. Bieber Mocks the Deposition

In this clip, Justin Bieber compares the opposing lawyer to Katie Couric and laughs. He also refuses to answer a question he claims to have been asked several times before he compares his deposition to 60 Minutes.

4. The Biebs Indirectly Disses Usher

We all know that Usher was a key factor in discovering Justin Bieber on YouTube and making him the star he is today. In this deposition video, Bieber is asked if Usher was “instrumental” in starting his career. Bieber won’t answer the question at first. Then the Biebs says that he, himself, was instrumental in developing his own career after being discovered on YouTube. He gives no credit to Usher, who’s been there for him since Day One.