Nene Leakes: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Nene and Her Ex-Husband Gregg Reconciled With a TV Series Called I Dream of Nene

Radar Online reports on Nene’s chat with Ebony Magazine about why Gregg came crawling back to her after their divorce. Nene stated:

He brought his ass back, because the grass is very brown over there,” she said bluntly. There were other issues going on that were deeper than that. When you are married, there is a certain amount of respect that I desire!

And, just for fun, check out the below pic of Nene and Greg walking down the aisle at their first wedding.

7. Glee Adopted Nene as a Cast Member and Pushed her Into Stardom

Nene Leakes got cast in the third season of Glee as the recurring role of a synchronized swim coach and bronze-medalist Coach Roz Washington. She is still a member of the cast.

8. Her Show The New Normal Was Cancelled

For a short time, Nene Leakes had the role of Rocky Rhoades on The New Normal until it was cancelled. According to IMDb, the plot of the show was:

A single mother’s life as she becomes a surrogate for a gay couple.

S2S Magazine reported that Nene admitted to being upset by the cancellation of The New Normal and she expressed her feelings to her fans.

I’m so sad and angry about ‘The New Normal’ going away. If you were in this business, then you would know that as an African-American actress not many of us can say that we have worked on two major networks at the same damn time as working on a cable network. That’s amazing within itself! I love how these chicks try to diminish what is clearly a major accomplishment. Let’s see them get a series to lose, then holla back at me. By the way, what do they do again? My point exactly!

9. Donald Trump Had Her on The Celebrity Apprentice

Nene Leakes was one of the many celebrities who appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and have faced the boardroom. Check out this clip of Nene holding her ground in front of Donald Trump … before she walked off the show.

10. She Has a Glam Baby

When Nene’s son Bryson had a baby daughter, Nene decided that she would not be a grandma. Instead, she would be a “glam-ma” and she would have a “glam-baby.”

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