Tyler Glenn: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

With Rolling Stone’s April headline “Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn: Gay, Mormon and Finally Out,” America learned that the singer is a homosexual.

The article went on to say that “he’s gay, has known he’s gay since he was 6 years old and has been living a closeted life for decades that choked his spirit and threatened his sanity.”

The frontman of the alternative rock band Neon Trees, Glenn is best known for singing “Animal” (watch the video above), which topped charts in 2010.

Here’s what you should know about the pop star who’s as proud of his religious faith as he is of his orientation.

1. He Wrote a Song About Falling in Love With His Straight Friend

The first single on the Trees’ album Pop Psychology is “Sleeping With a Friend.”

On his Facebook page, Glenn spoke about the song:

It was the moment I let myself write about the years spent in falling for my straight friend or the song I let myself write about thinking it was ok to be alone forever because it was better than explaining myself. It was those truths that came out before I decided to. You can’t hide away forever. I don’t think i was even trying. But music never let me lie. Something always would come out in the songs.

However, in an interview with 102.7 before he was out, he simply called it a “sex song”:

Yea, I think that’s the sex song I knew how to write. It was on my mind, it was a true story, I don’t know how to hook up with leather and chains like Rihanna sings about…never held a whip, maybe I should.

2. He Grew Up Morman — & Remains Mormon

Although his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is anti gay, the singer still calls himself a Mormon.

The rest of his bandmates share the same faith. They all hail from Provo, Utah, which has a staggering 61 Mormon churches.

When Glenn was 19, he went on a Mormon mission that did not allow any secular rock music.

He told alt press:

I believe, like most should, that none of us are perfect, and if one of the flaws I admit to is that I listened to rock music every now and then while on a Mormon mission.

3. He Dated Girls

In this Instagram video, he talks about his worst Valentine’s Day ever.

It involved getting high off a pot cookie and going to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon with a girl.

In the Rolling Stone interview, he admitted that he had a two-year relationship with a woman whom he planned to marry.

She wound up breaking up with him though a letter.

He explained:

She broke up with me in a half-page note that was like, ‘I love you, but you’ll never love me the way I need to be loved,'” Glenn says, taking a breath at the memory. “At the time, I was really crushed, but it was a relief. The last thing I want to do is be that guy that gets married and lives the double life. There’s so many of those people in Utah.

4. He Doesn’t Know How to Drive

He told Rolling Stone, “I was going to learn to drive for my 30th birthday, but I came out instead.”

Not having to rely on a car works out well for the composer.

He told BBG that he gets ideas for song as he’s walking.

A lot of the time, it’s like melody and gibberish and walking around. I like walking around; I don’t have a license.

5. He Writes Songs in Airport Bathrooms

Neon Trees tyler glenn gay


Glenn writes a majority of the Neon Trees’ songs.

He told BBG about the strangest place he’s ever penned lyrics.

“There are times when I have to get out of the airplane seat and run to the restroom and record [the song] on my phone,” he admitted.