Porn Star Samantha Bentley to Cameo on ‘Game of Thrones’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

samantha bentley game of thrones


Game of Thrones is already the butt of jokes when it comes to nudity, so it seems only logical that the show would bring its casting to the next level. Enter 26-year-old Samantha Bentley, a popular and successful British porn star ready to make her appearance in the hit HBO fantasy drama.

She and fellow porn actress Jessica Jensen will have small roles in Season 4. Here is what you need to know:

1. Bentley Will Play a Prostitute in an Upcoming Episode

XCritic Interviews Samantha Bentley at AEE 2013We were able to sneak her away from her booth to grab a quick interview with Samantha Bentley2013-01-25T04:31:31.000Z

By the beginning of Season 4, Game of Thrones fans have already been introduced to dozens of Westeros prostitutes of all genders and from all regions. Some get great characters and plots, like in the case of Ros, but most are generally pushed aside quickly so that people can draw their swords or argue with other brothel patrons.

If that is the case with Bentely’s small part, don’t expect to see a lot of her. Well … maybe you should expect to see a lot of her, but she just won’t be on screen for too long.

It is unclear as of yet what episode she is in.

Above you can watch an interview with Bentley at an adult entertainment convention in Las Vegas from 2013.

She’s an Award-Winning Porn Star

Samantha Bentley is an acclaimed English porn actress, winning a prestigious AVN award for “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” in 2013, and winning a United Kingdom Adult Performer Best Female Performer of the Year award, also in 2013.

3. Jessica Jensen Also Was Cast for a Season 4 Appearance

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Along with Bentley, 23-year-old Jessica Jensen is slated for a small role in Season 4.

According to the Game of Thrones wiki, Jessica Jensen was also involved in the filming of Game of Thrones season three, working as an extra on set. Although Jensen was not allowed to discuss the specifics of her role, the Mirror quotes her as saying, “Game of Thrones was nothing like I’m used to. But I got on with the job. It was exciting rubbing shoulders with the cast. Everyone was really nice.”

Above you can hear an interview with Jensen about her career. Warning: The topics of discussion are NSFW.

4. They’re Not the First Adult Entertainers on GoT

shae game of thrones


These two are not the first current or former adult entertainers to find themselves in the brothels of Westeros. Armeca, a prostitute character who reappeared often in seasons 1 and 2, was played by Indian adult actress Sahara Knite. Also, the actress who plays the supporting, yet important, prostitute Shae, Sibel Kekilli, once made adult films before her acting career took off in 2004.

5. ‘GoT’ Has Been Ridiculed for its Nudity

Inside the GoT brothel.

Inside the GoT brothel.

The perpetual use of nudity in Game of Thrones has been a source for both satire and serious critique, with some arguing there should be less, and others arguing there should be more male nudity. Even the show’s male star Kit Harington believes it’s “only right” to show as much male nudity as there is female nudity.

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