’24: Live Another Day’ Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Jack bullies his way into the embassy to retrieve Lt. Tanner’s flight plan key. He takes hostages inside a communication room to send the information off the key back to Chloe. He’s got a limited amount time as the U.S. Marines are right outside to take him out, dead or alive.

The following takes place between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

1. Jack Works Inside the Embassy

Jack manages to find Lt. Tanner in holding. He quickly incapacitates Tanner’s security and tells the airmen that he believes his drone was hijacked. Jack grabs the lieutenant’s flight key off the guard and escapes the holding room before CIA agents Kate Morgan and Eric Ritter and U.S. Marines can pin him down.

Despite Chloe’s best efforts, she can’t find an escape route for Jack out of the U.S. Embassy. He’ll have to upload the information off the key guard within the building. He takes hostages (don’t worry, he’s not going to kill them) and hops on a computer. Unfortunately, the key’s encrypted and its going to take 20 to 30 minutes to decrypt the information and send it back to Chloe.

2. Simone and Navid Plan Their Escape Away From Margot

24, 24: Live Another Day

(Daniel Smith/FOX)

Navid wants no part in Margot’s plan to launch a drone attack on the innocent civilians of London. He breaks the news to Simone and tells her he has devised a whole plan to escape the compound. Simone agrees to leave with him, but not 10 minutes later she’s confessing the whole plot to her Margot (Mommy’s got quite the hold on his girl).

Simone tries to convince Margo to release Navid from the plan because she loves him. Margot can see that, but she needs Navid to pilot those drones and she’ll do anything to see that happen. No, she’s not going to torture Navid into submission. It will be much easier to chop off Simone’s fingers. Luckily (I guess?) for Simone, mommy’s thugs only chop one finger off before Navid agrees to pilot the drones.

3. Kate Morgan Starts to Believe Jack’s Story

Kate starts to rethink Jack’s part in the drone attack when she and Eric debrief Lt. Tanner. The lieutenant echoes what Jack told Kate back at the housing project, that Yates hijacked the U.S. drone that killed four soldiers in Afghanistan. Now the terrorist Margot Al-Harazi has the program and is staging a full-scale drone attack on the President of the United States and London.

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