Alexis Carter, Rihanna’s Cyber-Bullying Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rihanna may have lost a couple fans over a recent cyber-bullying incident, particularly a teen named Alexis Carter. Read on for the facts on Carter and the bullying incident.

1. Alexis Carter “Echoed” One of Rihanna’s Fashion Moments for her Hollywood-Themed Prom

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For Alexis Carter’s Hollywood-themed prom, a family friend helped make her dreams come true in constructing an identical ensemble emulating the Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit Rihanna wore to the 2010 Echo Awards.

2. Rihanna Posted Some Unflattering Tweets About Alexis Carter

Upon seeing Alexis Carter’s outfit photos, Rihanna posted some unflattering tweets about the girl and even posted a sad face with her photo.

3. The Hashtag #PromBat Began to Trend

Upon seeing Carter’s outfit, many started a Twitter trend, the hashtag #PromBat, which was trending for a while before Rihanna jumped on the bandwagon. However, now that the news of Rihanna’s cyber-bullying scandal has begun to spread, the hashtag continues, but mainly in support of Alexis Carter against RiRi.

E! Online reports:

“Everybody was saying, ‘Oh my god, I love it. It looks nice. Your body looks good. It’s different,'” Carter recalled. The next day, however, photos of her outfit began to circulate on social media. On Twitter, #PromBat trended, complete with altered photographs that mocked her jumpsuit.

4. Carter Was Extremely Offended by Rihanna’s Comments

Carter had a strong reaction to her idol’s response to her outfit, telling FOX:

I was very offended. Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing? The poses was different, but the outfit wasn’t … She don’t love her fans like she says she does.

5. At Next Year’s Prom, Carter Will Not Emulate Rihanna

Alexis Carter is determined to still make a statement at next year’s prom, but she will not be trying to emulate Rihanna.

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