Graham Elliot, ‘Masterchef’ Judge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chicago-based chef Graham Elliot Bowles, more commonly known as Graham Elliot, has battled Chef Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America and opened the first bistronomic restaurant in Chicago. For more information on Elliot’s recent weight loss, his role on television show Masterchef, and his family life, read our 5 Fast Facts.

1. Elliot Recently Shed an Immense Amount of Weight

Elliot has achieved losing over 150 pounds, revealing to the Huffington Post:

I got to 400 pounds and realized I don’t have to accept this role in life.

2. Masterchef Returns for Its Fifth Season

Graham Elliot is one of the returning judges on the U.S. show Masterchef. Normally, the show kicks off with 100 competing cooks, but this season, they’ve chosen just 30. When talking about the new changes to the show, Elliot told the Huffington Post:

I think that it’s fun to get right into what people are tuning in for, which is the cooking. We’ve had four seasons of success. I think we’ve realized that we can get right into it and still understand where the home cooks are from and bond with them. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a way to keep it fresh.

Have a look at a clip from the show in the below tweet:

Elliot is also on the show Masterchef Junior.

3. He’ll Be Participating on the Masterchef Cruise

From November 8 – 15, 2014, the first ever Masterchef Cruise will sail to the Caribbean and Elliot will be one of the participating stars. Guests will enjoy demos, challenges, and appearances from the show’s past winners. Ship passengers will get to learn these chefs’ famous recipes, participate in “pressure tests”, and will dine on some delicious food.

4. His Family Was a Big Reason Elliot Decided to Lose Weight

Elliot and his wife Allie have two sons, Conrad and Jedediah, plus another son, Mylo, that Elliot has from a previous marriage. In addition, Elliot reportedly has a new baby. Each one of these people was a reason that Elliot decided to get healthy, revealing to Huffington Post:

Having three boys, a new baby and health issues from blood pressure to sleep apnea, I realized I just wasn’t able to do this on my own, so I decided to have the weight loss surgery.

5. Elliot’s Wife Is Also a Chef

Allie Bowles, Elliot’s wife, a former Peninsula food/beverage manager, is currently Elliot’s partner in both life and in business.

When Graham and Allie were married, they were featured in Chicago Social Brides magazine.

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