‘Nashville’ Finale Spoilers for Season 2


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Nashville closes the curtain on its second season tonight, and the fate of everyone’s relationship is up in the air. Will Rayna accept Luke’s proposal or will she return to Deacon? Is Juliette ditching Highway 65 and crawling back to Edgehill? And will Scarlett say goodbye to Nashville forever?

Find out what the cast has to say about the future of their Music City characters.

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1. Rayna Has To Choose Between Luke And Deacon

Nashville, Connie Britton

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Rayna James (Connie Britton) faces the tough decision to accept Luke Wheeler’s very public proposal or give her true love Deacon Claybourne another chance. On one hand, Luke has stood faithfully by Rayna’s side all season. He’s helped her promote her new record label Highway 65 and treated her girls like his own. Then there’s Deacon, who she shares a complicated past with but is the father of her oldest daughter, Maddie.

Will Chase, who plays Luke, tells TVLine.com that he doesn’t mind throwing a wrench in the Rayna-Deacon relationship.

[People] want things to be messy, because things are messy…You want that kind of messiness in there.”

Deacon is working to show Rayna that he can be the man she fell in love with 20 years ago, and that he can provide a stable home for their family. Having Maddie around, he is doing his best to not start drinking again and becoming a worthy father.

Charles Esten, who plays Deacon, tells TVLine.com that he and Rayna have always shared a bond that’s only made stronger by having a daughter together.

“We are [Maddie’s] parents. There’s been a bond from the word go between Deacon and Rayna, and now there’s a physical manifestation of that bond, this beautiful, talented girl.”

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2. Juliette Wants Out of Highway 65

Nashville, Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere

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Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) blows up her life again after things seemed to be going so well for her lately. Tonight her boyfriend Avery Barclay finds out that she cheated on him with Edgehill Records CEO Jeff Fordham. Juliette also wants to terminate her contract with Rayna’s Highway 65 to go back to Edgehill. But don’t think Rayna’s going to easily let her out of their agreement, no matter what the country princess says to her.

Let’s get real Rayna, you are not big enough to service an artist like me.

The claws are out!

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3. Scarlett Questions Leaving Nashville Behind

Nashville – Clare Bowen (Scarlett) Sings "Falling"Scarlett sings Falling on Wednesday's Nashville. Subscribe: goo.gl/mo7HqT Watch Nashville Wednesdays at 10|9c on ABC! Find more Nashville: facebook.com/NashvilleABC twitter.com/Nashville_ABC instagram.com/nashvilleabc plus.google.com/+NashvilleABC nashvilleabc.tumblr.com/ pinterest.com/nashvilleabc abc.com/Nashville2014-04-11T23:28:51.000Z

Scarlett (Clare Bowen) doesn’t know if she wants to stay in Nashville any longer. Her breakdown on stage has her questioning her future in the music business and whether it’s her dream anymore.

Creator Callie Khouri spoke with Buddy TV about Scarlett’s dilemma.

She’s “in this world where people would kill would be where she is, they would kill to have the opportunity that she has, and yet it was the kind of thing that would kill her. That wasn’t her dream.”

One special encounter and another powerful performance may change the young artist’s mind by the end of the night though, according to Zap2It.com.

4. Will Quits His Shame Marriage To Layla


(Mark Levine/ABC)

The honeymoon period between country superstars Will Lexington and Layla Grant, according to star Chris Carmack. His closeted country boy Will can’t keep up the charade of his sexuality much longer, especially with the reality cameras bearing down on him.

Carmack explains to TVLine.com whether his character will be honest with himself and the rest of the world.

“It’s going to expose how much he’s lying to himself, because the only reason he can keep up this lie is because he has these moments where he can explode, and then come back [to normal]. What you realize when the cameras are on you is, if you explode, that’s what they’re going to show.”

5. Maddie Pulls Away From Teddy And Closer To Deacon


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Maddie wants to make up for lost time with her biological father Deacon and that means sacrificing her relationship with the man who raised her since birth, Teddy. As Maddie keeps choosing Deacon or Teddy, the Nashville mayor gets angrier with Deacon, who he knows as a drunk who broke Rayna’s heart and could do the same with Maddie.



Deacon defers to Teddy’s rulings on Maddie’s life as much as he can, but he wants to show her and, in turn, Rayna that he can step up to take on those fatherly responsibilities.

Esten told CBS News that Deacon’s fighting to be a better man to prove his worth.

“He knows she’s going to be around, is going to see him and the steps he makes. And I can relate to that so completely — that fight that he always has between the man he wants to be and the man that he turns outs to be. He’s always just fighting for that.”

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