Ann B. Davis Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ann B. Davis has passed away at the age of 88 years old. Read on for the facts on Davis.

1. Davis Died in a San Antonio Hospital

Today, June 1, 2014, Ann B. Davis passed away in a hospital in San Antonio, as reported by My Fox NY.

2. A Fall Reportedly Led to Davis’ Passing

Retired bishop Bill Frey, who’s a longtime friend of Davis, said that Davis fell down on Saturday at her home and the fall was ultimately her demise. Frey told the media that Davis had lived with him and his wife, Barbara, since 1976.

For many years after The Brady Bunch wound up, Davis led a quiet religious life, affiliating herself with a group led by Frey. “I was born again,” she told the AP in 1993. “It happens to Episcopalians. Sometimes it doesn’t hit you till you’re 47 years old. It changed my whole life for the better. … I spent a lot of time giving Christian witness all over the country to church groups and stuff.”

3. Alice Nelson Was Davis’ Most Famous Character

For many years, Ann B. Davis played Alice Nelson on The Brady Bunch. Have a look at a clip of Davis on the show in the above video.

4. An Autopsy Is Scheduled for Monday

My Fox NY writes:

Bexar County, Texas, medical examiner’s investigator Sara Horne said Davis died Sunday morning at University Hospital. Horne said no cause of death was available and that an autopsy was planned Monday.

5. Davis Never Married

Davis never got married and said that she never found a man who was more exciting than her career. She once told the Chicago Sun-Times:

By the time I started to get interested (in finding someone), all the good ones were taken.

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