• Officer Gunther Hashida: DC Police Officer Dies by Suicide

    Gunther Hashida became the fourth police officer who responded to the U.S. Capitol riots to die by suicide nearly eight months after the attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, his family announced. He was a Metropolitan Police Department officer.

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  • Marvelous Marvin Hagler Dead: One of Boxing’s ‘Four Kings’

    Retired boxing champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler is dead at 66, his wife announced on Facebook.

  • Erica Watson: Chicago Comedian & Actor Dies of COVID-19 at 48

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  • 12-Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself After Struggle With COVID Isolation, Dad Says

  • Cedrick Cotton Dead: Member of ’90’s R&B Group Fatally Stabbed

  • Kasia Lenhardt Dead: Model Ex-Girlfriend of Prominent Soccer Star Dies at 25

    Kasia Lenhardt, the model ex-girlfriend of soccer star Jerome Boateng, has died at age 25.

  • Dazharia Quint Noyes aka Bxbygirlldee Dead: TikTok Star Dies at 18

  • Former Chiefs First-Round Pick Dead at 61

  • Longtime Chiefs & Browns Head Coach Dead at 77

  • Dustin Diamond Dead: ‘Saved By the Bell’ Star Dies at 44

  • Larry King Survived Cancer, Heart Attack, a Stroke & Bypass Surgery

  • Harry Brant Dead: Son of Billionaire & Supermodel Dies at 24

  • Neil Mahoney Dead: Emmy-Nominated Editor & Director Dies at 43

  • Mister Rogers’ Wife, Joanne Rogers, Died at 92

  • ‘Survivor: Palau’ Contestant Dead At Age 40

    The 'Survivor' family has lost another member. "Palau" castaway Cassandra Anne "Angie" Jakusz is dead at the age of 40.

  • Siegfried Dead: Las Vegas ‘Siegfried & Roy’ Legend Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

  • Former Steelers Fullback, ‘Bus Driver’ Dies at 52

  • Woman Jumped From NYC Building With Child in Her Arms in Murder-Suicide

  • ‘General Hospital’ Star Dies at 84

  • Flight Attendant Christine Dacera Gang Raped & Murdered: Police

    Christine Dacera is a flight attendant who was found dead in a bathtub on New Year's Day after police believe she was gang-raped at a party.

  • Tanya Roberts Dead: Actress Dies at 65 After Bizarre Series of Events

  • Third Man Charged in Murder of Singer Tied Up With Christmas Lights & Shot

  • Emily Mitchell Dead: Pregnant Influencer Dies Suddenly at 36

  • Social Media Influencer ‘Glacier Bro’ Presumed Dead After Waterfall Incident

  • Netflix Executive Producer & Billionaire CEO Dead by Poisoning: Police

    Lin Qi, a Netflix executive producer and CEO of games developer Yoozoo, has died at the age of 39 in a suspected poisoning, police said.