Detective Barry Frost Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Colleagues and friends of Det. Barry Frost will lay to rest the fallen detective on Rizzoli & Isles‘s tribute episode to the Lee Thompson Young character. Frost died in a car crash on his way back from visiting his mother.

Here’s what you need to know about the respected and beloved Det. Barry Frost.

1. His Death Will Resonate Among His Co-Workers

Frost’s sudden death will reverberate throughout season five as the characters take a step back to examine their own lives, especially Det. Jane Rizzoli who is pregnant. She will have the difficult task of giving a eulogy to her friend and partner at his funeral, and thinks she sees him throughout the tribut episode entitled “Goodbye.”

Watch the video above to see how Jane and her best friend/coroner Dr. Maura Isles lean on each other in the aftermath of tragedy.

2. The Homicide Detective Couldn’t Handle Dead Bodies

Investigating murders didn’t come easy for Frost, who had trouble standing near a dead body without throwing up. He overcame his disability for the most part with overexposure to the corpses at crime scenes and autopsies, but sometimes he couldn’t keep from tossing his cookies (see the video above).

Medical examiner Maura did her best to help the young detective. Early on she had him assist on an autopsy, and put him in the driver’s seat with her scalpel. Frost’s messy mishaps gained him the nickname “Barf Bag Kid” from Det. Vince Korsak.

3. Frost Was the Squad’s Computer Tech Whiz and Resident Dance Instructor

Frost handled all of the technology evidence his unit collected. Whether it was credit card reports, surveillance video or searching someone’s email, Frost was their man.

He even came across an interesting YouTube clip once in awhile, like in the video above, and has to teach his friend Frankie Rizzoli the proper technique to “thunk in the trunk”.

4. Det. Vince Korsak and Frost Butted Heads

Korsak wasn’t quite ready to give up his partnership with Jane, and that became a point of contention with Jane’s new partner Frost. Their hearts were both in the right place in wanting to protect Jane, and the men’s relationship eventually thawed while working more cases together.

Actor Bruce McGill spoke about the relationship between his character Korsak and Young’s Frost in the video above:

I treat everybody on my staff as an equal, including Frost. And he’s lost a little of that edginess, and I’ve lost a little of the sensitivity about not being (Jane’s) partner anymore. Any tension that’s between us is good-natured tension now.

5. Frost Learned the Meaning of Love From His Mother and Her Partner

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Growing up, Frost’s father Navy Admiral Frost spent most of his time away from the family, taking posts on ships out at sea. He even moved the family to Japan when Frost was young, and then hopped on a ship, leaving the family in a foreign country alone.

Frost’s mother Camille eventually divorced the admiral, and moved in with her friend Robin. Camille’s son always knew his mother and Robin were more than just “roommates.” He kept inviting them to Massachusetts, where gay marriage was legal, so Robin could make an honest woman out of his mom.

In the season three episode “Over/Under,” he gives the ladies his blessing:

To two wonderful people who have taught me the meaning of love and commitment, my mom and her partner Robin.