Gisele to Present the World Cup: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

FIFA has asked supermodel Gisele Bundchen to do the honors as the World Cup comes to a close next month.

Due to political drama, the 33-year-old Brazilian native will present the winners with their trophy.

1. The Brazilian President Isn’t Popular

Dilma Rousseff, Dilma Rousseff brazil, brazil president


Dilma Roussef, the President of Brazil, was supposed to present the winners with the prize.

According to the Boston Globe, she spent $11 million on hosting the tournament, which angered natives since many people in the country are poor.

In fact, when she and Sepp Blatter were introduced to the crowd before the World Cup’s opening match this year, they were booed.

2. Gisele Is Brazilian & Was Asked by FIFA

The Boston Globe said, “We’re told Tom Brady’s supermodel spouse was asked by FIFA to do the job and, barring any riots that would make it unsafe, she will.”

3. She Just Posed With Neymar

The two did a photoshoot for Vogue Brasil. Neymar plays for the Brazilian national team and is one of the highest paid soccer stars in the world.

4. Tom Brady Will Come Along

gisele world cup, gisele brazil


The Patriots quarterback will travel to Brazil in support of his wife of five years.

5. The Ceremony Is on July 13

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