Jaclyn McCaffrey & Adam Young, ‘Naked And Afraid’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jaclyn McCaffrey and Adam Young are polar opposites in their survival skills on Naked And Afraid. Will these two survivalists be able to make it through the freezing nights and dehydration in the Nicaraguan rain forest?

1. There May Be Love In the Jungle

The title of this episode is “Jungle Love” with Adam and Jaclyn paired together. Jaclyn is a single girl who’s a free spirit, while Adam is an easy-going guy from the south who has a girlfriend. Nonetheless, the two seem to hit it off with a bit of an attraction to one another. Check out the above video clip to see.

2. Being a Vegetarian Poses a Problem for Jaclyn

While Adam is a carnivore, Jaclyn is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat. This poses for a very big issue when Adam tracks down some snails and crab. They need the calories to survive, but Jaclyn has a tough time opening up to eating living things. Check out the clip.

Adam is a great hunter, while Jaclyn’s skills include primitive fire, cordage and fibers, shelter building, edible and medicinal plants, leather work, basketry, and navigation. Jaclyn grew up in the desert, according to her Discovery bio and she was actually quite involved with sports. Her bio reads:

Jaclyn was raised playing sports, which taught her to become a strong individual. She has always had a competitive nature, and physical activities became an outlet for her high-energy personality. Among her many athletic activities, she participated in track, swimming, soccer, and softball.

3. Jaclyn Is a Behavioral Health Professional

Jaclyn involves survival skills in her every day life as a professional behavioral health specialist. Discovery talks about how Jaclyn moved from Arizona to Hawaii and learned all about permaculture, long-boarding, ukulele, hula-hooping, and acrobatic yoga. Then, she went to school and:

With her degree, Jaclyn went on to become a behavioral health professional. Through this profession, she helps individuals as part of a unique wilderness therapy program. This work gives her the ability to support people in a setting that encourages learning and teaching primitive skills. Her work has inspired her to continue embarking on primitive excursions, to better her survival practices, and to gain strength both mentally and physically.

4. Pumas Endanger the Camp

After Adam and Jaclyn have their shelter built, they realize that pumas are a danger to them and they come up with a “hooting” system to communicate. Watch the above clip to see their new method.

5. His Father Has Been Adam’s True Inspiration

Adam has been inspired by his father when it comes to a love of the outdoors. His Discovery bio writes:

Adam’s father retired as a Game Warden with the state of Florida after 28 years of dedicated service. He spent his full career conserving the wild lands and waterways of Florida, and instilled in Adam the importance of conservation and the role a responsible outdoorsman plays in preserving traditions. Adam’s earliest memories are sitting on his father’s lap in the back of a 13-foot fiberglass boat catching turtles, specks, and catfish, and chasing squirrels through the swamps of central Florida.

The most valuable lesson that Adam has learned is that of the mind.

It did not take Adam long to realize that even the most skilled adventurer may falter without a sharp and strong mind. His biggest lesson to date is that the mind is by far the most powerful tool a human can possess. It is the very thing that can pull you out of insurmountable adversity, or lead to your demise. As a result of this realization, Adam has spent years improving his most valuable asset – his mental game.