WATCH: ‘True Blood’ Death Scene [SPOILER ALERT]

This entire post is just one big spoiler, so if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of True Blood, turn back now … Alcide has been shot to death and you can view the death scene in the above video.

Joe Manganiello opened up to E! News about his death scene saying:

It was freezing. It was outdoors. I had to lay on the ground naked and it had to be in the 30s? And so I was trying not to shiver while I was lying on the ground … I didn’t really get to say goodbye to anybody. [Laughs.] Josh in craft services brought me a cake with my wolf on it. They give you a cake when you die and they cut the cake open and it’s red velvet, so it looks like blood on the inside.

RIP Alcide.

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