David & Leeman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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David Blatter and Leeman Parker have taken America’s Got Talent by storm this summer. The two magicians hail from LA, and have pulled off mind-boggling tricks that have left audience members dumbfounded and confused. The performers will show off their talents Tuesday night, live, at Radio City Music Hall.

Before you see their next trick, here’s what you should know about them.

1. They’ve Won Awards In the Hollywood Fringe Festival

david and leeman amerca's got talent

(Instagram/David and Leeman)

In 2012, Parker and Blatter’s show, Filthy Liars: A Funny Magic Show debuted at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The two wrote, produced, and directed it themselves, and it earned the title of Best of the Fringe Show. It was also nominated for the Best Cabaret Show and made the Top-10 of highest grossing revenue shows in the whole festival.

In 2013, the duo submitted their second show called David and Leeman: How to Convincingly Fake Honesty to the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Their work, again, won Best of Fringe Show, and was the second highest grossing revenue show at the entire festival.

2. Parker Fell In Love With Magic At a Fair

28-year-old Leeman Parker fell in love with magic twenty years ago watching a card-and-coin trick at the California State Fair. His first magical acts were performed for a talent show at his elementary school. He told The Sacramento Bee:

I had trouble talking to people. Magic allowed me to interact with others, the intermediary being the cards and tricks.

3. They’re Not Necessarily Musicians

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(Instagram/David and Leeman)

Though the two have performed tricks on the show this summer that no one can explain, Parker says they’re more entertainers than magicians.

We do magic, but we’re not necessarily magicians.

4. They Both Have Day Jobs

david and leeman america's got talent

(Instagram/David and Leeman)

Since magic isn’t quite paying the bills, both Parker and Blatter have day jobs to make ends meet.
Blatter currently works as a high school philosophy teacher while Parker is a barista. Nick Cannon may have thought the name of their act sounded more like an accounting agency than a magic act, but the friends have proved themselves very talented so far on the show.

5. They Will Be Lead Writers for a TV Series Blog

david and leeman, david and leeman magic

(Instagram/David and Leeman)

Parker and Blatter will be lead writers of a new weekly sports bloopers series for Bellum Entertainment’s What Went Down. The show will feature stunts, wipe-outs, and “jaw-dropping attempts at greatness.”

They also announced on their webpage that they will be featured on the CW’s Masters of Illusion on August 1 at 8 pm. The magical duo are set to appear on four episodes throughout the season.