WATCH: Jason Derulo’s 4th of July Performance on ‘Good Morning America’

Jason Derulo performed live as part of Good Morning America’s concert series, celebrating the 4th of July. Derulo appeared to sing hits like “Wiggle,” “The Other Side,” and more. Have a look at some of the Twit pics and Vines while we wait for the performance video.

Check out some of the Twit pics and Vines from Derulo’s appearance …

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1 Comment


I always thought of GMA as a class act news show. After seeing a little of your entertainment on the 4th of July I was very disappointed. The choice of music and the group ( male & female ) grabbing their crotches, I found to be very tasteless. I turned on channel four news, guess what? Their choice of entertainment was “family oriented” I guess they are my new morning new show! Such a shame!