Johnny Manziel & Justin Bieber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Johnny Manziel experienced his first Justin Bieber party on Monday night and into Tuesday morning. The Beverly Hills neighbors in Bieber’s condo complex did not appreciate the late night partying, however.

Police were called to Bieber’s residence twice for excess noise, according to TMZ. Inside, everyone looked to be having a good time.

Learn more about Manziel’s night with Bieber and his “team,” including Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Tyrese Gibson:

1. Justin Bieber’s Neighbors Complain About the Noise

The music blared out of Beiber’s two unconnected penthouse suites in the luxury Beverly Hills condo complex and prompted neighbors to call the police early Tuesday, according to TMZ. Police responded and spoke with someone in the home, not Bieber, and party agreed to turn down the music.

This isn’t the first time police have visited Bieber’s crash pad, which the pop star bought in early June. Neighbors complained to the complex’s HOA about excessive noise and the smell of marijuana coming from Bieber’s residence, according to TMZ.

One resident spoke with TMZ about his new neighbor Bieber:

The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is share by [Justin’s] unit.

2. Justin Bieber’s Fans Bombarded His Place

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After the party turned down the music, cops made a return visit to check on another noise complaint. This time a large group of Beliebers (Bieber fans) were “screaming and making noise in front of Justin’s crib,” according to TMZ.

Bieber moved out of his Calabasas mansion in March after selling the $7.2 million estate to Khloe Kardashian. He had had numerous run-ins with his neighbors, including the egging of one neighbor’s home which a Los Angeles prosecutor may charge him with vandalism soon, according to CNN.

Watch the video below to watch a virtual tour of a unit similar to Bieber’s at the 432 Oakhurst condominiums:

432 Oakhurst Rooftop Terrace Virtual TourTake a virtual tour of the rooftop decks of Beverly Hills' newest luxury residences. 432 Oakhurst offers private rooftop decks for fifth-floor penthouse homes with elevator access, boldly delivering a lifestyle that is private, pampered and perfect.2012-11-05T18:45:29.000Z

3. Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Like His Nightlife on Social Media

Manziel expressed his frustration with people posting photos of him enjoying his nights out all over social media, according to The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. He talked about living his life the way he wants at the Play 60 youth clinic in Berea, Ohio last week:

I’m not going to change who I am for anybody. I’m growing up and continuing to learn from my mistakes and trying not to make the same ones over and over again, but am I going to live in a shell or am I just going to hide from everybody and not do anything? I don’t think that’s the way I should live my life and I’m not going to do it. I’m here, I’m very committed to football. I’m committed to my job, but on the weekends, I’m going to enjoy my time off.

Manziel wants more reporting on the commitment he shows to football and his job, rather than pics of him partying in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The rookie quarterback will report for his first training camp with the Cleveland Browns on July 26.

4. Manziel Shot His First Commercial as a Pro on Sunday

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Manziel shot his first commercial as a professional football player for Collection Auto Group on June 29, according to The shoot took place at Collinwood High School in Cleveland and had Manziel throwing a pass to a silver Nissan Altima. Maverick Carter, the childhood friend of LeBron James, had his management firm set up the commercial for the Browns new quarterback.

Bernie Moreno, owner of Collection Auto Group spoke with about Manziel and the commercial:

We’re really excited. To have Johnny be able to do his first commercial in Cleveland with us, with our company, he’s a really, really nice guy and he’s doing a great job. He really cares about doing things well, and I think that if that translates it into his other job. I think he brings a credibility. We couldn’t ask for a bigger endorser than that.

5. Justin Bieber Came to the Rescue of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Kids on Sunday

Bieber helped his good friend Mayweather Jr. on Sunday, rushing to the scene of an accident involving the welterweight champion’s children. Mayweather received notification of the crash while on the red carpet at the BET Awards on Sunday evening. At the time, he was on the phone with Bieber, who volunteered to go check on the kids, according to TMZ.

Bieber told police at the crash scene that he was a family friend. He comforted the kids, who were not injured, and played them his new music to make them feel better.

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