Lisa Coray & Tom McElroy, ‘Naked And Afraid’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lisa Coray and Tom McElroy meet naked and in the pouring rain for their episode Argentina Impossible on Naked And Afraid. Get to know the two survivalists in the below fast facts:

1. Lisa Conray Is a Pediatrician Who Has a Flair for Survival

Naked And Afraid pre/post Interview with Lisa CorayNaked and Afraid participant Lisa Coray shares before and after her experience, "Naked and Shivering in Argentina", with Michael Douglas (of Doomsday Preppers). Lisa is an apprentice at the Maine Primitive Skills School. http://www.primitiveskills.com2014-07-20T12:12:55.000Z

In the above interview, Lisa Coray gives an in-depth interview on her experience with Naked and Afraid. Check it out.

As far as how Lisa got interested in tapping into her wilderness side, her bio reads:

Lisa’s interest in survival was sparked after taking a one-night course in the Great Lakes area and finding out just how mentally and physically challenging being out in the world with very little support can be. Having always been determined to be as self-sufficient as possible, Lisa then took more courses and formed a group to practice survival skills outdoors. She currently spends a portion of her time in the woods apprenticing at a primitive skills school in Maine, learning how to do more with less.

Lisa grew up in the west United States, but has been living in Boston for quite some time.

2. Tom Is a Teacher for a Wilderness Survival School

Tom McElroy interview w Fox Morning ShowRoss McGowan interviews survival expert Tom McELroy about the pschological stages of lost people and the necessary steps to ensure survival.2006-12-06T23:35:49.000Z

Tom is a teacher of survival skills and makes a living at it. His Discovery bio reads:

During his twenties, Tom spent an entire year living off the land. He built and lived in a shelter made from forest material, made fire by friction, purified water naturally, hunted, fished and gathered all of his own food. Subsequently, Tom went on to become one of a handful of instructors to teach at the world-renowned Tracker Inc. Tom Brown’s Wilderness Survival, Awareness and Tracking School … Tom McElroy has taught survival and primitive skills to more than 10,000 students worldwide over the past 20 years.

Tom’s Facebook page gives even further details on his skill set and teaching abilities:

Tom has taught everyone, ranging from young children to avid hunters, outdoor enthusiast and elite military groups such as Seal Team Six. He has consulted for numerous News programs, Hollywood movies and appeared on Season 2 of Discovery Channels Survival challenge…..”. Tom holds a BA degree in Anthropology and Geography from Rutgers University and a Masters in International Policy related to Indigenous Peoples from the University of Connecticut. During his course of study Tom was fortunate enough to travel the world learning the old-ways from a myraid of groups of remote indigenous people.

In addition:

He hunted with blowguns in the Amazon with the Huaorani tribe, ran through Copper Canyon with the Tarahumara (Raramuri), lived with a tribal shaman in a palm thatched hut a hundred miles off the coast of Sumatra, trekked through the Baliem Valley of Papua New Guinea, the Andes of Peru and the Costa Rican Jungles.

3. Tom Goes On a Wild Turkey Hunt

In efforts to hunt wild turkey, Tom disguises himself by covering his body and face in mud. Check out the video above.

4. This Is the Coldest Location Yet

The survivalists are in the cloud forest of Argentina, which is the show’s most cold area thus far in the series. On top of that, shortly before filming, there was a 10 degree drop in temperature and flooding. The survivalists were made aware of this and decided they would still tackle Argentina as scheduled. Check out the above clip to see what the two participants have to deal with.

Knowing that they could be in cold climates, Lisa prepared herself for the jungle by keeping her home’s temperature in the 50’s. This helped her a lot, unlike Tom who is used to beautiful California weather.

5. Photography Is Tom’s Other Passion

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Tom McElroy has a passion for adventure photography, with tons of beautiful photos of the outdoors posted online. Have a look at a couple of his photos …

Naked And Afraid, Naked And Afraid 2014, Lisa Coray Naked And Afraid, Tom McElroy Naked And Afraid, Naked And Afraid Tom McElroy, Naked And Afraid Lisa Coray

Naked And Afraid, Naked And Afraid 2014, Lisa Coray Naked And Afraid, Tom McElroy Naked And Afraid, Naked And Afraid Tom McElroy, Naked And Afraid Lisa Coray