Corinne Kohlen & Chris Fischer, ‘Naked And Afraid’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight’s Naked And Afraid is called “Playing With Fire.” Two survivalists, Corinne Kohlen and Chris Fischer, taken on the deserted Dominica beach. Let’s get to know Corinne and Chris a little better …

1. Corinne’s Been Trained By a Professional Survivalist

Corinne’s Discovery bio gives the run-down on how she got into the outdoors.

Corinne became interested in survival through her participation in obstacle racing and survival runs and races. She was trained by a professional survivalist on the central coast of California and also taught herself many of her survival skills. Corinne also attended the National Outdoor Leadership School and Wilderness Medical Institute, where she learned wilderness medicine, and at one time even served as a wilderness EMT.

Because of her love for the outdoors, Corinne feels that survival skills are extremely important, especially with all her active hobbies like rock climbing, obstacle racing, running ultra marathons, participating in survival challenges, and just playing with her dogs.

2. Chris Is a Commercial Fisherman

Chris is a single guy from New Jersey who works as a commercial fisherman. Perhaps, this will help him in gathering food on Naked And Afraid. Chris’s Discovery bio writes:

Chris Fischer’s name is fitting: he comes from a family of commercial fisherman. Outside of a four-year stint in the Marines, commercial fishing has been Chris’ entire career since he was thirteen years old. Being a commercial fisherman requires extreme mental toughness and perseverance, which has helped Chris learn to survive some of the world’s toughest environments. Chris’ interest in survival started when he was young, with his father often taking him fishing and camping.

3. An Unexpected Storm On the First Night, Brings Danger to Chris and Corinne

On night one, the two survivalists are tested as an unexpected storm creates a “tropical nightmare.” While building their shelter during the day, the sky is clear and the two are optimistic that it will be smooth sailing, at least for the rest of the day … Have a look at the clip above.

4. Chris Was Discharged From the Marines

When Chris joined the boy scouts, he found a love for being self-sufficient and experiencing new things, which motivated him to join the Marine Corps. After he was discharged from the marines, Chris returned to being a fisherman as he loves being on the water. Even when he’s not on the job, he enjoys sport-fishing as well as other things like golf.

5. Corinne Is a Registered Dietician

Corinne is 32-year-old registered dietitian from San Luis Obispo, California. Her skills are bow drill fire, shelter construction, fish trapping, clothing creation, native plant identification, and spear construction. Aside from the outdoors, food is Corinne’s true passion, which is why she became a dietitian. She teaches nutrition, counsels about diets, and loves to cook and eat.