Jim Marchese, ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Let’s get to know Amber Marchese’s husband Jim from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Read on for the facts about Jim’s issues on the new season of RHONJ, plus all the facts on his checkered past.

1. Jim Is Said to Not Want to Be Associated With the Giudices

On a previous episode of the RHONJ, Jim supposedly tells Nicole and Bobby that he won’t be hanging out with the guys because he can’t be around people like Joe Giudice. Jim is said to think that it will affect his reputation in the mortgage business to be around the Giudice family, who are facing jail time for mortgage fraud, in addition to other charges.

Jim’s friend Bobby tried to fib a little to the guys and cover up for Jim, telling them he was just afraid that Giudice and his brother-in-law Joe Gorga might fight. According to Nicole and Bobby, this was a lie. Nicole ends up telling Melissa, Joe Gorga’s wife, the “real story.”

On tonight’s episode, the truth comes out.

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2. He Was a ‘Rat’ in a Pharmaceutical Fraud Case

It’s almost ironic that Jim supposedly doesn’t want to be associated with the Giudice because of their fraud charges since he is reported to be both the whistle blower and the mastermind in a massive fraud case. All About The Tea writes that Jim was working for a company called Cell Therapeutics when he was supposedly “overlooked for a promotion” and fired. Reportedly, as a result, Jim became the whistle blower in a huge fraud case where the company was scamming millions out of the Medicare system. After the government did some digging, they uncovered a ton of corruption within the company, resulting in Cell Therapeutics settling the charges with $10.5 million. Jim reportedly received $2.8 million for his help.

The craziest part is that, when the government was investigating the case, they discovered that Jim was actually the mastermind behind the illegal business actions. Because of this, the government tried to keep Jim from receiving the full $2.8 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jim’s current net worth is $3 million and AllThingsHR reports that Jim received a settlement of $1.575 million from the case.

Now, of course, there are always two sides to every story and Jim responded to the above reports via Reality Tea saying:

I was never on the wrong side of the law. The Department of Justice (here after referred to as “DOJ” paid me over million dollars for my assistance. The egregious wrongdoing in the Seattle case was it took the Federal prosecutors in Seattle 6 years to prosecute Cell Therapeutics case and that they were so greedy that they misrepresented facts to the court in a poor attempt to try to keep all the money. The Court agreed with me and I was paid accordingly. Without my assistance the DOJ with all of its money and people would not have had a case and people would be dying today from that drug.

3. Ex-Wife Rebecca Grande Was Accused by Jim of ‘Falsely Diagnosing Their Son With Autism’

Rebecca Grande is the ex-wife of Jim Marchese and the two have had some ugly battles over custody in the past. Radar Online reports:

Castmate Amber Marchese’s husband James accused his ex-wife of trying to have one of their sons falsely diagnosed with autism during their nasty custody fight.

Here’s what was truly disturbing about what was written in the court documents:

The defendant (1) was being evicted for the second time; (2) had tried to have one of their sons falsely diagnosed with autism; (3) failed to provide him with ongoing medical and educational information on the children; (4) tried to have plaintiff put in jail for violating a final restraining order; and (5) had pled guilty to a second-degree felony that would likely result in jail time.

The judge reportedly didn’t feel there was sufficient evidence that proved Grande to be unfit and said her housing was not in jeopardy. However, since the case, Grande has been indicted by a grand jury for 7 counts and pled guilty of mortgage fraud, according to AllThingsRH.

4. Jim’s Mortgage Company Has Been Audited for ‘Questionable’ Practices

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Jim’s mortgage company is called Mortgage Now and is reportedly a mortgage lending company that was audited by the government and found to be participating in “questionable” business activities. This is according to Reality Tea.

5. Cast-Mates Rino and Teresa Aprea Are Not Jim’s Favorite People

After the dispute on RHONJ where Jim is seen yelling at Joe Gorga, Jim spoke with the media saying that things are not what they appear to be. To hear more or talk more about Jim’s volatile moment on the show, click here to join the RHONJ forum.

As for what Jim has to say about fellow Housewives stars Rino and Teresa Aprea, he told Reality Tea:

Unfortunately, far too many people are ignorant. A demonstration of this ignorance was when Rino and TeREE-SA called me a “jerk-off” for not going out drinking with both Joes. Rino and TeREE-SA should know only a jerk-off puts his family and others in harms way over drinking. I guess Rino and TeREE-SA assume all of us have daddies who give us restaurants and homes. It is hard for them understand that most of us work for what we have and need to protect our livelihoods.