Richard Blais Vs. Marcel Vigneron, ‘Top Chef Duels’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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For the premiere of Top Chef Duels tonight at 10:00 p.m. on Bravo, Marcel Vigneron and Richard Blais challenge each other in the first battles of the season … And the winner was Richard Blais.

1. Richard And Marcel Kick Off the Premiere of Top Chef Duels

For the premiere of Top Chef Duels, Richard Blais challenges Marcel Vigneron to making a burger and a side and Marcel dominates the challenge to the surprise of Blais. Check out the clip above.

2. Marcel Challenges Richard to Make Dessert

The challenge that Marcel gives Richard is to make a hot and cold dessert. Marcel is known for his molecular gastronomy dishes, so his idea is called “Fire And Ice.” While Marcel received rave reviews about his ice cream, the judges still had some concerns about his dish. As for Richard, the judges gave mixed opinions as there seemed to be a lot going on with Richard’s dish. Even with all the criticism, Richard beat Marcel at his own challenge and wins $10,000. Yikes!

3. Chef Richard Thinks Marcel Talks Down to His Cooks

Richard Blais accuses Marcel of talking down to his helpful cooks in the kitchen. Check out the above video clip and judge for yourself.

4. Marcel and Richard Begin the Battle Even Before The Cooking Starts

Marcel and Richard start talking smack before they even get in the kitchen together. Check out their pre-cooking video above.

5. Wolfgang Puck Is Judging Marcel and Richard

Check out Richard and Marcel’s reactions when they find out that their duels will be judged by Wolfgang Puck in the above video.