Ricky Ubeda, ‘SYTYCD’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meet Ricky Ubeda, one of the finalists on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance finale …

1. Being on SYTYCD Has Been a Dream of His

Since Ubeda was a child, he’s dreamed of being on the show So You Think You Can Dance. The Miami Herald writes:

Ricky Ubeda remembers watching the FOX reality hit show So You Think You Can Dance when he was young and counted the days until he was old enough to try out for the popular show. As soon as he turned 18, the show’s minimum age requirement, Ubeda auditioned.

Ricky started dancing 9 years old, but he didn’t get any technique training until he was 12.

2. Victor Smalley and Angel Armas Are His Coaches

As reported by Nola, Ubeda’s coaches Victor Smalley and Angel Armas are stars as well. Smalley actually finished in the top 12 on Season 6 of SYTYCD, and both coaches were featured on the Lifetime Network’s reality show Dance Moms Miami. Their dance company is located in Miami/Dade County and is called Stars Dance Studio.

3. Ricky Has Been a Favorite This Season

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Any time Ricky has danced this season on the show, Twitter has exploded with his name in response to his amazing performances. Have a look at one of his brilliant dances in the above video clip.

4. Amy Yakima Is His Dream Dance Partner

Amy Yakima is the season 10 winner of So You Think You Can Dance and she’s reportedly Ricky’s dream dance partner. Yakima is an assistant for West Coast Dance Explosion.

5. He Made a Small Appearance on Dance Moms Miami

Because his coaches are part of the show, Ubeda made a small appearance on Dance Moms Miami in addition to catching some fame on YouTube via his posted performance videos. Talented Dancers Wikia writes:

Ricky made a small appearance on Dance Moms in the episode “Pushed to the Edge of the Dance Floor.” Ricky was asked to come in and help Lucas with his solo. Ricky was supposed to help Lucas with his artestry. Ricky was also named by Victor as one of Stars Dance Studio’s best Senior Artists.