‘Revenge’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Revenge premiered its Season 4 on September 28. It delivered the drama that we’ve always loved about the ABC show.

Here what you have to know about “Renaissance.”

1. Victoria Escapes a Mental Institution

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At the start of the episode, Victoria Grayson is talking to a group with a psychiatrist.

She meets Phyllis, played by Yeardley Smith, and the woman gets agitated in the scene shown above.

Later, Victoria calls the house and Emily answers.

“Please, I’ve hurt you. I admit it, but you’ve hurt me too. I just want to end this cycle,” Victoria laments.

Emily responds, “I want my childhood. I want Aiden.”

In the ward, Victoria gets a new roommate, Louise.

Phyllis starts a commotion in the ward which enables Victoria to walk out.

Victoria encounters Emily at the end and tells her that it’s “her turn” to get revenge.

2. Jack Becomes a Cop & Makes a Friend

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Jack and his new cop friend, Ben, first appear in the locker room at work. When Ben asks why he became a cop, Jack explains,

“I guess I thought it would be good for the soul…I’ve just seen too many people get away with murder.”

After Charlotte picks up their baby from daycare, Jack is worried. She doesn’t like the fact that with his new job, he is defending others and not her.

Later, Jack confides in Emily that he decided to become a police officer after Amanda and his brother were killed.

Then Emily explains that the only reason she stayed in the Hamptons was for Charlotte, “the only family” she has.

At the party, Ben tries to arrest Charlotte. “She’s family,” Jack says, as he stops his new comrade. “Fine, but you get one pass with me. One,” Ben explains.

3. Emily Hosts a Party for Memorial Day

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Nolan asks Emily if she will come out as Amanda Clarke at the lavish event, and she rejects the idea.

The event is for Long Island Harbor Conservatory. Charlotte comes, but has some harsh words for Emily.

In front of all the guests, Emily makes a speech of gratitude.

4. Emily Makes a New Friend

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Emily hits a car on the street and the owner asks for insurance information. With an ulterior motive, Emily invites her to the party.

When she arrives, Emily hands her a hefty check, which is more than enough to cover the damage.

The women bond over the fact that they both lost their fiances.

5. Revenge Is Served

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Emily crashed her new friend’s car on purpose.

It’s revealed that Nancy, the woman whose car Emily hit, was the fiance of the man that was killed on the boat. Emily knew the entire time.

The person who killed him was the wealthy socialite shown above, that was at the party.