‘The Bang Theory’ Season 8 Premiere Recap: Top 10 Spoilers

The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 8 premiere is finally here and the gang is back with their antics.

Sheldon is back in town, Penny gets a haircut, and Amy is in the middle of girlfriend drama.

Here are some highlights.

1. Sheldon Is Robbed in Arizona

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(Michael Yarish/WBE)

Sheldon is in Arizona stripped down to his underwear because while he slept, all his possessions were stolen.

He reveals to a stranger that he’s been on his journey for 45 days, and tells another he is a “world renowned physicist.”

Since he looks disheveled and frantic, they all run away from him.

He later explains that although he never left the train stations, he visited multiple states. “Why would I, that’s where all the cool trains are,” he tells Leonard.

2. Leonard & Amy Rescue Sheldon

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(Michael Yarish/WBEI)

Asking to be picked up, Sheldon calls Leonard from a police station.

Amy, of course, willingly comes for the ride, although she is angry that her boyfriend called his roommate instead of his girlfriend in his time of need.

When Sheldon sees Leonard, he races to give him an embrace.

“Why did you come?” Sheldon tells Amy.

When they’re in the car, Amy expresses her discontent. Sheldon tells Leonard, “Leonard, as soon as we get home, I want to have coitus with Amy.”

A few moments later, Sheldon retracts, saying, “Amy just hurt my feelings. I want to break up with her.”

3. Bernadette Gets Amy an Interview

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(Michael Ansell/CBS)

Penny goes on an interview for a position in pharmaceutical sales.

To prepare for the interview, she consults with Bernadette, who is at a loss for Penny’s strengths as an employee, except that she’s “cute and flirty.”

“I haven’t been on a job interview in years, I’m really nervous…I don’t have any experience in sales, unless you count the bikini car wash I did in high school,” Penny laments.

“You’ll be fine. Just be yourself,” said Bernadette.

On the interview, she talked about coercing a customer with an insulin pump to have more cake at the Cheesecake Factory, and the interviewer, who is Bernadette’s boss, said he himself had one.

Just when it seems like Penny is failing at the interview, she mentions that she’s scared of Bernadette and finally bonds with her interviewer.

4. Raj & Emily Are Still Going Strong

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We get the hint that the two lovebirds are still together when Raj and Howard are driving.

“I’m having my windows untinted. I have a hot girlfriend now. I want the haters to know,” he tells Stuart.

5. Stuart Isn’t Moving Out

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Even though his job taking care of an ailing Mrs. Wolowitz has ended, Stuart has no intentions of moving out of her house. He tells Howard that he had a conversation with “Debbie” and they decided to keep living together.

“Maybe if you called your mother more often, you’d know,” Stuart says as a dig to Howard.

Later, when Howard calls the house, he hears them both on the answering machine’s message.

6. Sheldon Gets a Teaching Job

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(Michael Ansell/CBS)

The university promotes him to junior professor, which means he must teach a class.

At lunch, Sheldon complains that he does not want to teach students, but his friends argue for it.

“It is true that many of my heroes have taken students under their wings,” he said.

8. No One Signs Up for Sheldon’s Class

Apparently I have a reputation for being obnoxious,” he said.

9. Penny & Bernie Have Tension

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Penny confides in Amy that Bernadette is getting on her nerves and wants her to prepare for her job.

Bernadette also tells Amy that Penny is driving her crazy. Since she was unpopular in high school, Amy is loving being in the center of all the gossip.

10. Howard Takes the Class & Then Drops It

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(Michael Ansell/CBS)

When Howard proposes to enroll in the course, Sheldon is skeptical and gives him a little pop quiz.

Howard answers all the questions, and tells Leonard that engineers are just as smart as physicists.

To prove that he’s smarter, Sheldon goes to great lengths to make a lesson plan that will stump Howard.