WWE Night of Champions 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

WWE Night of Champions 2014

The WWE is making sure all of its champions compete on WWE Night of Champions 2014. The biggest title bout of all will pit the seemingly unstoppable WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar against former champion John Cena. We’re here to make sure you get all the evening’s results and highlights of this September PPV/special WWE Network event. Make sure you check out the live PPV Kickoff show on the WWE Network, starting at 7:30 p.m. EST to check out Christian’s Peep Show segment with Chris Jericho!

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c) vs. Goldust and Stardust (WWE Tag Team Championship)

WWE Night of Champions 2014

Winner: The new WWE Tag Team Champions, Goldust and Stardust!

Results/Highlights: Goldust and Jey started things off pretty fiercely as Jey took Goldust down with an elbow. Jimmy got tagged in and began tearing down Goldust before his offense quickly stopped. Goldust tagged in a fresh Stardust, but Stardust was met with a nice exchange of moves from Jimmy. Both men caught Stardust with a pull down move that targeted Stardust’s throat over the top rope. Stardust eventually recovered and got his brother to lay out Jimmy with a nice, swift punch. Both men then began to further injure Jimmy with a concentrated, tag team offense. Later on during this bout, Jimmy tagged in Jey for a hot set of moves against their adversaries. Jey headed to the outside, hopped up on the barricade and splashed Stardust. However, he was put down when Goldust power slammed him on the arena floor. Once back in the ring, the Dust brothers worked over a now weakened Jey Uso. Jey soon began to fight off Goldust at one point but he was met with a stiff spinebuster. Stardust entered the ring to continue Jey’s punishment. Jey looked to land a Samoan Slam but was countered with a nice neckbreaker by Stardust. Stardust even went as far as punching Jimmy off the ring apron and tagging in Goldust behind the ref’s back as he tried to handle a pissed off Jimmy. Jey managed to get the hot tag after dodging Stardust as he ran right into the corner ring post and kicked Goldust. Jey went to town on Stardust by injuring his leg by slamming it over the ring apron. Jimmy took flight and vaulted over the top rope right onto Goldust. Then Jey took down Stardust with a top rope splash and a Samoan Slam. Out of nowhere, Jey hit a Super Kick on Goldust but Jey was caught off guard with a inverted DDT from Stardust. Stardust locked Jey into the ring ropes, but Jimmy saved him but was caught with an elbow from Stardust. Soon, all four men ended up crashing and burning on each other with splashes to the outside. Shockingly, Stardust helped win the titles by rolling up Jey in a school boy pin.

Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro (WWE United States Championship)

WWE Night of Champions 2014

Winner: And still the WWE United States Champion, Sheamus!

Results/Highlights: Both men locked up at the start of the match and entered into a nice set of reversals. As the match’s start wore on, both men got even more intense. Cesaro slapped Sheamus, which was a mistake as it got him even more intense. Sheamus landed a clothesline, a flying knee and rolling senton on Cesaro afterwards. Sheamus looked to do even more damage, but Cesaro countered by laying Sheamus’ throat over the top rope. Cesaro began chocking Sheamus with his foot, but Sheamus soon jumped back up and tackled his rival with ground and pound offense. Both men soon spilled to the outside for even more strike exchanging. Once the match returned to the ring, Cesaro got caught with an elbow from a returning Sheamus. As Sheamus looked to land a big move from the top rope, Cesaro knocked him off with an European Uppercut. Cesaro then began laying in several moves and a chokehold on his championship opponent. A series of sleeper holds were done between both men before Cesaro dropped Sheamus with a back suplex. Sheamus managed to get back to his feet and begin some offense before getting put down with a clothesline from Cesaro. Cesaro followed that up with an European Uppercut on two occasions. Sheamus returned the favor with two Irish Curse maneuvers to Cesaro’s back. Sheamus tried to land his 10 punches on Cesaro’s chest, but Cesaro fought back with some stiff strikes. Cesaro headed to the top rope next but he was slammed back down pretty swiftly. Soon, several slams between both men were landed for several minutes. Sheamus got up and got hyped enough to land a Brogue Kick, but he missed and as met with a side suplex from Cesaro. Sheamus recovered, went for another Brogue Kick, missed and got caught with Cesaro’s Alpine Water Slide slam. Cesaro began taunting Sheamus by slapping him, which did nothing but piss off Sheamus even further. Sheamus got more excited, but he was met with a stiff boot. Cesaro went to land another big strike but he was eventually laid out with a final Brogue Kick.

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

WWE Night of Champions 2014

Winner: The new WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz!

Results/Highlights: An initial lockup between both competitors was followed up some headlocks and shoulder drops. Ziggler landed a Lou Thesz press on Miz but Mix fought out of it. Ziggler then fought out of Miz’s Figure 4 Leglock attempt and landed a series of elbow drops on Miz. Miz escaped a final elbow and countered Ziggler with an elbow and a nice big boot. Miz soon landed a few boots to a now prone Ziggler. Ziggler was soon locked into a sleeper gold, which he tried to fight out of but he was dropped again with a clothesline from Miz. Miz then started dominating Ziggler with series of kicks. Soon Ziggler recovered in the corner and landed a nice clothesline on a running Miz. Ziggler started building up some momentum with his signature line of comeback moves. Ziggler soon sent Miz out of the ring with an over the top rope clothesline. He then flung Miz back first into the side ring barrier. As Ziggler looked to re-enter the ring, Sandow pulled Ziggler from the ring apron and kicked R Truth in the gut. Sandow pushed his luck by getting in the face of the Florida Georgia Line and getting chased to the back by R Truth. As Miz got back up, his Hollywood face was met wit ha Ziggler Super Kick. Ziggler looked to land a Fame Asser but Miz put him on his back as he locked in the Figure Four Leglock. Ziggler then fought his hardest by grabbing the bottom ring rope and finally landing a Fame Asser on Miz. Sandow ran back to the ring and distracted Ziggler but he was caught with a Superkick. Amidst this big distraction, Miz rolled up Ziggler for the win.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

WWE Night of Champions 2014

Winner: Seth Rollins by forfeit…

Results/Highlights: Due to Roman Reigns’ emergency surgery, this match was cancelled. Rollins headed out to the ring anyway to gloat about himself. He also crapped all over his former partner and also gave him 10 seconds to show up for their bout. The ref run the bell and entered into a 10 count as Rollins basked in the crowd’s boos. Rollins was then awarded the forfeit win. Even after Rollins’ cheap win, Rollins began gloating some more to the live audience. He then issued an open challenge to anyone in the back.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Winner: No one…

Best Moments/Highlights: Dean arrived in a cab and answered Rollins’ open challenge. Ambrose ran int other ring and began tearing Rollins apart to the crowd’s delight. Both men began fighting into the stands in an intense street fight. The Authority soon arrived and told security to separate both men. Ambrose took flight on two occasions and laid out both security and Rollins. The fight continued as Ambrose laid into Rollins with tons of punches as he was laid out on a chair. Ambrose then clotheslined Rollins over the security barrier and then managed to pick up a steel chair. Ambrose was stopped though, which allowed Rollins to rest comfortably in the ring corner. Ambrose was soon restrained by The Authority. Rollins then left with his briefcase and HHH and Stephanie. Ambrose was pulled all the way to the back.

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