‘Homeland’ Season 4 Spoilers: Premiere & Episodes Guide

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Homeland premieres tonight and we’ve got all the spoilers on season 4. From info on the new villain to Carrie’s role as a horrible mother to details on future episodes, plus some video clips … You can read it all right here.

– The premiere will feature back-to-back episodes as CNN writes:

This season is for all intents and purposes, a reboot. Carrie has had her baby (which she almost gave up for adoption), but she’s back in the field, in Afghanistan. The new season begins as she’s engineered a drone strike, but all doesn’t exactly go as planned. Peter Quinn has a bigger role now, as the leading man of the show. And fan favorite Saul is back, but things aren’t exactly going better with his wife, who moved on (so to speak) without his knowledge. Viewers will get plenty of opportunity to decide whether they’re on board with the new season, as Showtime will premiere back-to-back new episodes on Sunday night.

– The first premiere episode is titled “The Drone Queen” and the second is “Trylon and Perisphere” and the synopsis of the episode is: Carrie makes a critical decision; Saul struggles to adjust to his new role; Quinn spirals out of control; new information is revealed.

– Carrie is now the villain of the show according to E!:

They’ve taken the audience’s indifference, frustration and anger, and used it for their own benefit, because now we aren’t supposed to care about Carrie any more. She has lost her grip on morality, proving to be an insensitive bomb-dropping maniac and perhaps the worst mother we’ve ever seen on television (not kidding). Carrie is the new villain. Seriously, when you see how she behaves, especially in episode two, you’ll have a hard time rooting for her. And not punching your fist through the screen. It’s this newfound hatred of Carrie (and a well-crafted empathy for the enemy) that actually fuels an overwhelming desire to see what happens next, because you want her to either realize what a despicable person she has become, or get her come-uppance.

The Guardian writes about the first episode of the season, saying:

When the season starts, Carrie is in Kabul, we see her walking through the streets to the familiar jazz soundtrack. Back at the office, where she’s leading drone strikes against the enemy with intel she’s getting from a shadowy agent (Cory Stoll who is just everywhere these days), Carrie pushes her hair out of her face and then giving a fake smile in her perfected manner.

– As far as newbies joining the cast:

Ayaan (Suraj Sharma) is a Pakistani medical student who gets unwillingly involved in politics when his family is killed in a drone strike. Martha Boyd (Laila Robins) is the tough American ambassador in Pakistan who is both Carrie’s foil and opponent.

– Episode 3 is titled “Shalwar Kameez.” Episode 4 and 5 are “Iron in the Fire” and “About a Boy.”

– The synopsis for season 4 is this:

The fourth season takes place in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with Carrie Mathison assigned to a dangerous CIA station in the Greater Middle East.

– As far as recurring cast members, Corey Stoll will be on as Sandy Bachman, the CIA chief of station in Pakistan.

Spoilers Guide writes about Quinn this season:

If anybody knows what it’s like to do Carrie’s job, it’s Peter Quinn. He was part of a highly secret targeted assassination program, and he was the guy on the ground who was taking human life. If anybody knows what that can do to your soul, it’s Quinn. He is very concerned about what it’s doing to Carrie, and he watches Carrie slipping away from herself and wants to prevent that from happening.

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