Michael Sheen, Sarah Silverman’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen is a brilliant actor known for Masters of Sex and now being Sarah Silverman’s boyfriend. Read on for his high-profile dating past, his relationship with Silverman, and his most famous roles.

1. Rachel McAdams Is Sheen’s Ex

Fans often wish Rachel McAdams ended up with former co-star and ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling, but that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, after Gosling, McAdams dated Michael Sheen. The rumors behind their split were that McAdams wanted to start a family with Sheen and Sheen was more focused on his career. The two first met on the set of Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Midnight in Paris in 2010.

After McAdams, Sheen was romantically linked to Carrie Keagan.

2. Sarah Silverman Co-Stars on Sheen’s Show

Sarah Silverman


Silverman joined the show Masters of Sex, a drama where Sheen places William Masters, a real-life sex researcher from the 1950’s. In the second season, Silverman has the recurring role of Helen, a palm reader and the former lesbian lover of Betty. Sheen’s role requires him to have tons of sex scenes on the show. Though Silverman is a part of the show, she made sure that she was never on set during Sheen’s sex scenes, though she says she watches him have sex on TV all the time.

3. You May Remember Sheen from the Twilight Movies

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – "Aro's Laugh" Full Scene2013-03-03T11:18:22.000Z

Sheen played the character Aro in the second and third Twilight movies. He was the head vampire of the Volturi, in charge of all. The Twighlight definition of the Volturi is:

The Volturi are the largest and most powerful coven of vampires. They enforce the laws of the vampire world. The equivalent of royalty in the vampire world, the Volturi consists of 5 core members: Aro, Caius, Marcus, Aro’s wife Sulpicia, and Caius’s wife Athenodora. Marcus’s wife (and Aro’s sister) Didyme was also a member before she was killed by her brother. Aside from these head members, it also consists of a collection of powerfully imposing vampires, known as the “Volturi guard”, the most powerful being Chelsea, Jane and Alec.

Have a look at Sheen’s character Aro in the above movie clip.

4. Kate Beckinsale Is Sheen’s Baby Mama

michael sheen kate beckinsale, kate beckinsale ex


Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen had a relationship for eight years. And, in that time, the two had a daughter named Lily in 1999. The reason the two never married, Beckinsale revealed, is that whenever Sheen thought of proposing, Beckinsale would say something “annoying.” As for their breakup, there were reports of cheating, but Beckinsale assured the media that cheating was not a factor. Beckinsale told Entertainment Weekly:

The popular notion of how Michael and I broke up — that we were on [the first Underworld] and I ran off with the director [Wiseman] — is just not true. If that were the case, I think it would be very difficult and peculiar to have an okay situation. But everybody involved has felt that the priority is Lily and wanting to get to a good place for her. And everyone is nice. So it’s not bad.

Despite Beckinsale denying she cheated with director Wiseman, she and Wiseman married in 2004. Beckinsale and Sheen met while Sheen was performing in the play “The Seagull.” The two later starred in the movie Underworld together.

5. Sheen Is Head Over Heels for Sarah Silverman

sarah silverman boyfriend, sarah silverman dating michael sheen


Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen have been romantically linked since February 2014. When Sheen opened up to E! about his relationship with Silverman, he gushed about how wonderful his girlfriend is, saying:

She’s great. She’s a wonderful, wonderful person. She’s funny, obviously, but she’s so smart and so sensitive and thoughtful and kind.

Prior to dating Sheen, Silverman’s most well-known relationship was with Jimmy Kimmel.