WWE Hell in a Cell 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

Hell in a Cell 2014

Winner: Seth Rollins!

Results/Highlights: Dean shocked the crowd and made his way to the top of the Hell in a Cell before Rollins made his way to the ring. Rollins brought out Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble with him to demand that Ambrose get off the top of the HIAC. Rollins stalled and looked like he was going to climb the cage, but he then demanded that Mercury and Noble climb up the cell to retrieve Ambrose. Both men did manage to climb up their way to the top of the cell with Ambrose and were met with Keno Stick shots for their troubles. Rollins snuck up behind Ambrose while he was fending off the two stooges and laid out Ambrose with his own Kendo Stick. Ambrose fought back into the match, pushed off both stooges and got in a suplex to Rollins right on top of the middle cell structure. Rollins started climbing back down the cell with Ambrose in hot pursuit right next to him. As both men smashed each other’s heads into the cell, Rollins and Ambrose fell right off onto the two announce tables beneath them. EMT’s rushed out to recover both men after their epic spills to the tables below them. As the EMT’s pulled both men away, Ambrose got loose and ripped Rollins out of his stretcher. Ambrose threw Rollins face first into the cell and began punishing him former friend inside the locked structure. Ambrose then picked up a steel chair and repeatedly cracked it over Rollin’s back. Ambrose looked to use a screwdriver on Rollins’ face, but Rollins fought him off with a neckbreaker on the ring ropes. Ambrose quickly recovered and landed a running dropkick to Rollins right into the nearby cell doors. Ambrose picked up a table and looked to throw Rollins through it, but Rollins escaped Ambrose’s grasp. Ambrose caught a prone Rollins on the outside with a middle rope vault. Back in the ring, Ambrose and Rollins looked to suplex each other onto a pile of chairs. Rollins got the better of this exchange by landing a back suplex on Ambrose right onto the steel chairs. Rollins looked to suplex Ambrose onto a table laid outside the ring, but Ambrose fought him off and laid him on in himself. Ambrose then landed a top rope elbow drop right through the table. After both men got to their feet, Ambrose grabbed up Rollins for more punishment. All of a sudden, Kane made an appearance and sprayed a fire extinguisher into Ambrose’s face. Rollins used this distraction to powerbomb Ambrose through a nearby table. Rollins put Ambrose back into the center of the ring and hit his Curb Stomp, but he only managed to get a 2-count. Rollins grabbed a steel chair and exacted the same damage done to him on Ambrose. Rollins tried to Curb Stomp Ambrose on the MITB briefcase, but Ambrose moved out of the way at the last second. Rollins hit him with an enzuguri, but Ambrose shrugged it off and landed a nice lariat on Rollins. Ambrose brought in a pair of cinder blocks and looked to smash Rollins head through it when suddenly, the lights in the arena went dead. Once the lights came back on, Bray Wyatt appeared through a cloud of smoke and tackled Ambrose. Wyatt landed into his spider crawl and slammed Ambrose down with a Uranage. Rollins then crawled over and nabbed the final pin. After Rollins left the ring, Bray landed his Sister Abigail to the displeasure of the crowd.

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