‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spoiler: Jax Teller Kills His Mother – Gemma Dies

Gemma finally dies on tonight’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy and you can watch it all go down in the above clip. Jax tracks Gemma down after he finds out she went to visit her father in his nursing home. After shooting Unser in the head for getting in the way, Jax sits down with his mother and she confirms that she killed Tara. She says that Nero knew nothing about it and that he was a good man. When visiting her ill father, Gemma’s dad told her that she always loved the flowers as a child and she begins to remember that she did. With that in mind, she asks Jax if she can go out into the yard to the garden. With tears in his eyes he nods.

Gemma faces away from Jax and he points his gun at his mother, fighting tears and battling with himself. Gemma tells him that she loves him very much, that he’s her baby boy and that it’s okay. She tells him it’s time and that she’s ready. Gemma tells Jax that he has to do it because it’s who they are. Her words calm Jax and he shoots her in the head.

When Jax returns home, Wendy has no idea what happened, but asks him if he’s okay and he replies with a “no.” The two end up in bed together and it seems that they have rekindled what they once had.

Two other important cast members died on tonight’s episode as well. Check out the details on those in the below links:

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