‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Episode 1/26/2015

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Tonight is another episode of The Bachelor and we’ve got all the spoilers from the episode that we could find. Ashley I., Ashley S., Becca, Britt, Carly, Jade, Jillian, Juelia, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Megan, Nikki, Samantha and Whitney are the remaining contestants … but not for long. Tonight’s first group date is a beach date, but it looks more like a lake. One contestant, Ashley I., who is the “virgin” on the show actually takes off her bikini top and jumps in the water. Taking the party to another level. Kelsey Poe is not a fan of this date and calls it a “bimbo party” and a “hell hole”. Then, the girls find out that they are actually going to be spending the night there, turning the date into an overnight camping trip. Kelsey is not happy about that. At one point in the night, Chris Soules’ gets a little surprise in his tent from contestant Ashley I. and also has some fun with Kaitlyn Bristowe, who gets a little late-night makeout session.

Some surprise guests this episode of Chris Soules’ sisters, who he said were pretty involved in his dating life growing up. The sisters interrogate the contestants to pick one of them for a one-on-one date with their brother. They pick Jade Roper for a dancing date with an advanced screening of the new Disney movie “Cinderella.”

For the second group date, the girls are brought to San Francisco to compete in a mud race while wearing wedding dresses. The IB Times further reports that:

Drama will ensue during the cocktail party when one contestant pulls Chris aside to talk about the “eye-opening message she delivered at the campsite.” Meanwhile, another woman will question Chris’ decisions, finding it hard to understand some of the ladies that he “considers rose-worthy.” But it will be the final moments of The Bachelor episode 4 that fans won’t want to miss. A jealous contestant will accuse Chris of not being on the show “for the right reasons.”

Some more spoilers are that contestant Becca Tilley reveals she too is a virgin, so there are two virgins on the show. She says she is saving herself for marriage and that’s why she hasn’t kissed Soules yet.

Now let’s not forget the biggest spoiler of the night. Ashley Salter tells Chris Soules that she loves him and then ends up getting eliminated tonight. When Ashley drops the “L bomb,” she tells Soules:

Look at the moon. It’s so weird to me. And we’re sitting here, like that’s weird to me. I just love you. I love everything about you. It sounds crazy … I actually do feel that way, so I hope that resonates within your mind tonight.

Other spoilers include drama with Ashley I. over her “virginity” and another virgin is revealed to be Becca Tilley.

Now that you’re all caught up on tonight’s episode, sit back and enjoy the drama.

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