‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Andi Dorfman Talks Josh Murray Break Up

On tonight’s special episode of The Bachelor, titled “Chris Tells All,” former contestant Kelsey Poe stops by to talk about her time on the show, but she’s not the only one who sits down with host Chris Harrison. Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman talks with Harrison about her break up with Josh Murray, speaking out on the subject for the first time. Reportedly, Dorfman chats about what may have gone wrong in the relationship, so viewers finally get a glimpse into her real relationship with Murray.

Many were shocked when Dorfman and Murray announced their break up just after they walked the red carpet together at this season’s Bachelor premiere event. Chris Harrison has stated that he wishes they would have clued him in on what was going on just as a friend so he wouldn’t have asked them about their wedding plans. Former Bachelor star Sean Lowe told the media that he thought Dorfman and Murray should have never done the red carpet that day.

In Dorfman’s tearful sit-down with Chris Harrison, she admitted that she truly loved Josh Murray. She said she hasn’t been coping well and that the decision to break up was after a while of struggling in the relationship. Dorfman said she knew she found her soul-mate when she got engaged to Murray and it’s so hard to talk about it. She said that at the premiere, they got so many questions about wedding plans and it was eye-opening for them. She said the decision to end things was mutual. Dorfman said that they didn’t better each other, that they’re both very powerful personalities, which is difficult. She said they both loved each other and fought for the relationship, but it was very hard to make it work.

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