‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Kelsey Poe’s Husband Sanderson

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, contestant Kelsey Poe opens up about her husband Sanderson’s death. Sanderson passed away suddenly in May 2013 at the age of 42 while he was walking to work. He collapsed suddenly, dying of congestive heart failure. Sometimes Poe feels guilty taking part in happy moments since her husband’s death, but she knows she needs to find happiness.

Poe wrote on her Facebook page:

Widows inherit the role of being the beacon who attests to their deceased spouse’s happiness. That’s why I sometimes find myself idealizing my marriage to him, describing our relationship as perfect, when in reality it was just as healthily flawed as any other marriage.

Kelsey Poe also stated a heartbreaking message that was:

On our wedding day, we vowed to love, cherish, and honor each other until ‘death do us part.’ But even after death, I still love, cherish, and honor him.

Tulsa World published a nice obituary about Sanderson, writing:

Sanderson lived his life as a loving partner to Kelsey and to be true to his own free spirit. Sanderson’s music is still being performed in Europe today. A few of Sanderson’s unusual accomplishments include working on a fishing boat in Iceland, exercising horses in Hyde Park London, and being an outstanding Rugby Player in England.

Sanderson Poe was a musician who had studded jazz music in New York City as well as in Belgium.

For more news on Kelsey Poe, have a look at the below links:

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