EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Shawn Bullard, ‘Match Made In Heaven’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Shawn Bullard is the first black bachelor on new dating competition reality show Match Made In Heaven. Bullard is a good-looking and successful real estate mogul who owns a real estate development company, a restaurant and a hair salon. According to WeTV, the Fox School of Business awarded him with the “Be Your Own Boss” Bowl, which made him the first African-American to win the honor. As far as his being a “bachelor” goes, he actually heard about the opportunity from a friend who thought he would be a great fit.

Read on for more information about Bullard in our interview below, plus his background and what’s in store for viewers on Match Made In Heaven.

1. ‘Match Made in Heaven’ Is Different From ‘The Bachelor’


Don’t confuse Match Made In Heaven with ABC’s The Bachelor because the two are different, as Bullard tells us:

Match Made in Heaven differs from The Bachelor because of a few things. One being the addition of Pastor Ken Johnson, who guides me throughout the entire process. Also, I have the influence of my mother. She KNOWS what’s best for her son or at least has an idea. Beyond those things, I feel the production company and WeTV made sure that the show had style. It was shot a certain way, the dates are amazing, and the women I chose from were very diverse.

And, as for the kind of woman that Bullard is looking for, he says:

In a woman, I look for someone who is confident. I think confidence is sexy. I love a curvy woman, but she has to also have ambition and be intelligent.

2. Bullard Lowered His Expectations When Looking for Love


When Bullard says he lowered his expectations when looking for a wife on the show, it’s not what you think. Bullard explains:

I’ve learned to not place expectations on anything. Walking into this, I had to be very vulnerable and allow myself to experience it with an open heart and mind. In relationships or when looking for love, we think we know what we like, want, and need but most times we are wrong.

In the past, Bullard had been engaged and he has grown from that experience, revealing:

I learned a lot. I wasn’t ready. I never want to lead someone on and hurt a person again. This time around, I am ready.

3. There Was a Rumor That He Was Dating ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Claudia Jordan

When you type Bullard’s name into Google Search, one of the first things that comes up is reality star Claudia Jordan, who actually hosted a press event for Bullard’s show recently. There have been reports that the two dated, but Bullard assures us that it’s a rumor, stating:

Yes, that is a rumor. Claudia Jordan is a great friend of mine, that’s the extent of our relationship. She’s been doing the “celebrity” thing for a while, so to have her give me advice and tips is great! The media will pin anyone on you, it comes with the territory.

4. Pastor Ken Johnson Aids Bullard in His Quest for Love

Pastor Ken Johnson had a rough life before becoming a successful athlete and man of the lord as WeTV writes:

Ken’s life is a story of incredible transformation. Born into poverty in Los Angeles and growing up in inner city Dallas, Ken and his family moved over 18 times before graduating high school. Surrounded by drugs, alcohol, extreme poverty and a mother attempting at all personal moral costs to keep her children fed, Ken discovered temptation and struggle early in life.

Johnson is the host of Match Made In Heaven and assists Bullard in his search for love. He speaks with each contestant and gets to “save” one woman before eliminations, so his role is very important. Bullard tells us:

I did not know Pastor J before the show. But once meeting him, we felt as if we’ve known one another forever. He’s a great friend of mine now.

5. Momma Maggie Plays a Huge Role in Bullard’s Life

Bullard grew up in Philadelphia and opened up about his childhood, telling us:

I am Philly bred; born and raised. I was always determined to make something of myself. Growing up, I enjoyed sports and I excelled at them. I love Philadelphia. The city taught me so much about life and what could be.

Bullard’s mother, Maggie Bullard, played a significant role in his success and, in turn, Shawn thrived in both academics and athletics at Temple University. He lost his father to cancer when he was 22 years old, which was very difficult for him. Nonetheless, Bullard used his strength and support of his mother to push through. His mother Maggie helped him manage his real estate company in the position of controller, but she’s also had her hand in his love life at times, which is why she is an integral part of the show.

As for what Maggie Bullard brings to the show, her son says:

My mother, momma Maggie, brings a whole other energy to the show. Her reason for being there is to help her son find the right one and that’s all she cared about. The women in the house soon find out they can’t get over on her! My mom is tough, but she does everything with love. There were a few girls she really liked.

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