WATCH: Seth Rollins Confronts Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’

Seth Rollins crashes 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"Seth Rollins offers Jon Stewart an invitation to show up to Raw this Monday.2015-02-27T06:21:43.000Z

You wanna know who’s embroiled in an unexpected wrestling feud right now? WWE Superstar and the current Money in the Bank briefcase holder Seth Rollins and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

After Rollins threw a verbal stab at Stewart on an episode of WWE SmackDown (Rollins told everyone he could do a better job hosting the show over Jon Stewart), Stewart responded with a few verbal jabs of his own. During a recent episode of The Daily Show, Rollins crashed the show and made Jon Stewart super nervous during a tense encounter. Enjoy the hilarious exchange between both stars in the video posted above.

Let’s all hope Stewart accepts Rollins’ invitation to show up on the next episode of Monday Night RAW