Seth Rollins & NXT Diva Nude Pics Leaked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Seth Rollins

WWE Superstar and current Money in the Bank holder Seth Rollins is in the middle of the biggest push of his career. But now a huge mistake made via his social media accounts may just hamper his rise to the top. Here’s everything you need to know about the nude pics leaked that place Rollins, an NXT Diva and Rollins’ wife in a compromising situation.

1. Rollins’ Social Media Accounts Were Reportedly Hacked, Which Led to the Posting of a Nude NXT Diva

Zahra Schreiber

Yesterday (February 9, 2015), Seth Rollins’ Twitter and Instagram accounts may have been hacked. Soon after the news of the supposed hack became public, a naked photo of an NXT Diva in training was posted to both accounts. It is unknown whether Rollins’ posted the photo himself or if it was posted by the hacker.

The nude diva was identified as Zahra Schreiber. Schreiber received her wrestling training from ROH alum Jimmy Jacobs at the House of Truth Wrestling school in Center Line, Michigan. After participating in a WWE tryout session back in June of 2014, Schreiber received a WWE contract and was then sent down to NXT.

2. Naked Photos of Rollins Soon Leaked Thereafter

Seth Rollins

Moments after the nude pic of Schreiber hit the web, nude pics of Seth Rollins himself immediately were posted through another Twitter account. It was revealed that Rollins’ fiancee, Leighla Schultz, uploaded the photos and included the name of the aforementioned NXT diva within the tweeted pics. This move was reportedly made by Schultz due to rumors of Rollins cheating on her with Schreiber.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if she actually was behind the leaked nude pics of Rollins or not, Schultz responded with a message that has now been taken down – “@I_am_blazer I definitely did Hahahaha.” Leighla Schultz’s (@leighlaschultz) Twitter profile has not been taken down.

Check out the photo below of Leighla Schultz’s now deleted tweet:

3. Schultz Alluded to Rollins’ Infidelity on Facebook

Leighla Schultz

Leighla Schultz.

It’s been noted that Schultz didn’t post up any tweets of her own since December 2013. However, she has reportedly left a bunch of public notes on a friend’s Facebook page that mocked Rollins and the things he may have told Schreiber. One of the notes read – “I hate my life and my fiancée; I just wanted to run away with you.” Schultz’s Facebook posts have now been deleted.

4. Rollins Left Up a Public Apology Via Twitter

Hours after his performance on RAW, Rollins made sure to post up a message via his Twitter page. In it, he apologized to his fans for the controversial pics they may have seen. He didn’t make any mention of either Zahra Schreiber or Leighla Schultz, though.

5. Rollins May Be at Risk of Being Released by the WWE for This Transgression

Seth Rollins

A WWE contract clause that was revealed in 2013 may get Rollins in even deeper trouble. This specific note may even lead to Rollins release from the WWE right in the middle of his biggest push within the company. WWE Superstar and Diva contracts include a “morality clause.”

This clause notes that any talents that have inappropriate photos or videos of them floating around online or in print will not be signed by the WWE. These frowned upon pics and videos, if found, can also get a wrestler blacklisted from the WWE. Rollins’ punishment by the WWE hasn’t been make public as of this writing.