Chitara & Priscilla on ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight on Catfish, we have the case of Chitara and Priscilla. The official synopsis of the episode reads: A woman searches for answers when her relationship ends unexpectedly after she took a big leap and came out to her family. Check out all the info on Chitara and her episode of Catfish below.

1. Priscilla Broke Up With Chitara

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Chitara is a mother of two children and she fell in love with someone going by the name Priscilla, who claimed to be a professional nurse. One day, Priscilla broke up with Chitara via text message and said that everything they had together was a lie. She also told Chitara she didn’t love her anymore. Chitara wants to find out who she was really in a relationship with for all that time.

When show host Nev Schulman and Chitara get Priscilla on the phone, Priscilla tells them she thinks that Chitara should just move on with her life.

2. Actor Alex Shaffer Is the Guest Detective On This Episode

Alex Shaffer is appearing in Max Joseph’s movie, which is the reason that Max has been gone for several episodes of Catfish this season. In turn, Shaffer is acting as a guest detective to help host Nev Schulman. For more information on Shaffer, check out the below link:

3. Priscilla And Chitara Met on Mocospace

Chitara met Priscilla on a website called Mocospace, which is a site full of games as well as chat rooms designed to meet people. You can also listen to music and videos. Chitara said she fell for Priscilla because she seemed very caring and was always there for her.

The Catfish team finds out that Priscilla has multiple profiles and fake ones.

4. Priscilla Is Ashanti

Priscilla told Chitara that she lives in the same town as her, but whenever they would make plans to get together, Priscilla would break them or come up with an excuse to not meet. In turn, they never met and they never even video-chatted.

At one point, Priscilla told Chitara that her mother passed away and Chitara said that’s when things started to change. Priscilla then told Chitara that she had feelings for a guy. The part about the guy was apparently true, but her mother was very much alive.

When Chitara finally meets Priscilla, she sees a different girl who tells them her name is actually Ashanti. Ashanti also reveals that she’s only 18 years old and was pretending to be 22 years old, but she had just turned 18. This means that Chitara was talking to a minor.

5. Chitara Came Out to Her Family While In Her Relationship With Priscilla

Chitara’s relationship with Priscilla ended unexpectedly after she was brave enough to come out to her family about her sexuality. Chitara considers herself to be bisexual and she did have one serious girlfriend prior to Priscilla, but she had kept her a secret.

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What happen to Chitara she can always give me a call if she is still single.Don’t give up on love because there are some good people out here and will give you the love you deserve.I’m older wiser and honest.Never lied nor cheated in my relationship .Love will come and along with it comes respect honesty,understanding and communication.You will find that special someone when the time is right.

Stephanie Burton

I just want to say that I feel like there was really wrong how Ashanti handled the situation with Chitara.Chitara is a very beautiful person dat did not deserve dat I wish I could have had da chance Ashanti had I would not give her a reason to feel hurt.

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