‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Chris Soules Net Worth

The Bachelor star Chris Soules hails from Arlington, Iowa and prides himself on being a successful farmer and land baron, from a family of farmers. So, just how successful is Soules? According to Celebrity Net Worth, his wealth is an estimated $1.5 million. As reported by VOX, Soules’ fortune may be in jeopardy in the declining economy of his small town. VOX explains:

Being an Iowa land-owner these days means your investment has lost value remarkably quickly. In 2014, the value of Iowa cropland slid by 8.9 percent, its fastest decline in 28 years, as the Register reported in December. That’s happening because commodity prices are plummeting after a meteoric rise in the last few years. Ethanol, drought, and increased Chinese demand for corn (in the form of corn-fed animals) were just a few factors that drove corn prices sky-high. But thanks in part to bumper crops this year, corn prices are falling — and as corn prices go, so go land prices in the upper Midwest.

During this season of The Bachelor, Soules has said that many of the establishments in his town have closed their doors and people have had to move away to find job opportunities. Hopefully, Soules is not feeling the financial strain of his town.

For each Bachelor episode this season, Soules has written a blog for People to talk about the behind-the-scenes details and his feelings on what happened. Check out the blog’s homepage by clicking here to see all the articles posted.

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